Course Redesign Projects

Summer 2015 implementation:

  • HIST 1010, World Civilizations I and HIST 1020, World Civilizations II (James Guilfoyle) – Dr. Guilfoyle developed online versions of these general education courses.


Fall 2015 implementation:

  • PSY 1010, Introduction to Psychology (Amanda Clark, Libby Byers, and Svetlana Chesser) – This team worked together to develop an online version of this popular general education course. 
  • PSY 2010, Research Methodology: Introductory Statistics in Psychology (Chris Cunningham, Ron Morris, Mike Biderman) – This course redesign followed the supplemental model by incorporating hands-on statistical assignments one day per week for the semester.
  • PSY 2020/2020L, Research Methodology: Laboratory and Field Research Techniques (Jill Shelton, Preston Foerder, Bart Weathington) - This team used the supplemental model to redesign both the lecture and laboratory. Course enhancements were made through the use of technology and an active learning environment within relatively large sections of the course.
  • CLAS 1200, Legendary Rome: Epic Founders, Wicked Emperors, Saintly Martyrs (Joshua Davies and Kristen Knopick) – This team developed a new course for general education and is offering it both as a face-to-face and online class. 
  • EDUC 3500, Teaching Strategies and Materials in Elementary Grades Mathematics (Debbie Cantrell) – Professor Cantrell redesigned this course using the supplemental model to involve more active learning strategies to engage the students.
  • ENGR 2460, Mechanics and Materials (Mbakisya Onyango, Ron Goulet, Joseph Owino) – This team incorporated the flipped classroom model (supplemental) into this lecture course so that students view videos and take quizzes before coming to class and spent class time working on problems.
  • POLS 1040, Politics, Culture, and Society: Non-Western Views (Rick Wilson) – Dr. Wilson used the supplemental model to change the face-to-face course to a hybrid delivery.  Instead of meeting two times per week, the class meets once per week and does work in UTC Learn. 
  • COUN 5430, Theories of Human Development (Elizabeth O’Brien) – Dr. O’Brien incorporated the Replacement Model, taking a predominately face-to-face delivery style and moving content to online delivery and student driven learning so that in-class meetings can focus on counseling skill development and case conceptualization related to professional counseling for both clinical mental health students and professional school counseling students.
  • MUS 1110, Introduction to Music (Nikolasa Tejero) – Dr. Tejero used the supplemental model to enhance the face-to-face offerings of this general education course using active learning. In the future, she plans to move the course online. 
  • THSP 2800, Introduction to Film (Gareth Jones) – Professor Jones developed an online version of the Intro to Film course to supplement the face-to-face offerings on campus.

Spring 2016 implementation:

  • SPAN 2130, Intermediate Spanish for Reading (Hilary Browder, Carmen Jimenez, Matthew Stuckwisch) – This team is developed an online version of the course.
  • GNSC 1150, Science and Society (David Welch) - Dr. Welch designed this course into an online format.  
  • HIST 2020, United States History Since 1865 (Seth Epstein) - Dr. Epstein designed an online version of this course.

Summer 2016 implementation:

  • BIOL 3350, Evolution (Hope Klug) - Dr. Klug redesigned this course for online offering.
  • ANTH 4999, Anthropology of Sport (Paula Bulgier) - Professor Bulgier designed a new course to be offered online.
  • REL 2360, Religion in American Life (Jonathan Yeager) - Dr. Yeager redesigned this general education course as an online course.


Fall 2016 implementation:

  • MATH 5130, Introduction to Probability and Statistics (Lani Gao) – Dr. Gao will be developing videos and online materials for this course in spring 2015.
  • MATH 5210, Linear Algebra and Matrix Theory (Roy Liu) – Dr. Liu will be working to develop online materials and assessments for this course to be offered next fall.  
  • HIST 1120, World History from 1400 to Present (Amy Huesman) - Professor Huesman is developing a hybrid version of this general education history course. 
  • COMM 3350, Publication Design I (Charlene Simmons) - Dr. Simmons is developing an online version of this course for Communication majors.
  • MLNG 1050, Knights of the Round Table in Film and Legend (Karen Casebier) - Dr. Casebier is developing a new general education course and it will be a fully online course. 
  • PHIL 2310, Existentialisms (Talia Welsh) - Dr. Welsh is designed a fully online version of this general education course.