UTC Course Design Program

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Proposal Submission and Selection

Course design proposals for new online and hybrid courses are being accepted.  General education courses are given preference. Interested faculty should complete the form.  You must attach the current syllabus before submitting the form. Once submitted, the form will be forwarded to your department head for approval.  Applications can be submitted by individuals or teams of faculty (up to 3). Courses will be selected by committee through a competitive process. Applicants will be notified of their selection within 30 days.  

Course Design Timeline

The design and development of a course generally takes place during the spring semester and summer and is followed by offering the course as a pilot in the fall semester. Revisions are made to the course after the first offering and then it is submitted for Quality Matters review. Alternate timelines are available.

Course Design Resources and Compensation

Compensation for full participation in this project is $2,000 extra service pay per faculty person per course. Extra service pay will be paid in installments upon successful completion of each phase of the program. Selected faculty members/teams will sign an agreement that outlines deliverables, compensation, and pay schedule.


In general, these are the expected deliverables:

  • Course syllabus and course schedule. Syllabus and course materials must be in an accessible format.
  • Course content, activities, and assessments that align with the selected model (online or hybrid) and with the course outcomes/weekly outcomes.
  • Training plan for all faculty teaching the course (if a master course).
  • Assessment of course that measures course efficacy and student completion rates.

These new online and hybrid courses must be designed per Quality Matters standards and will undergo review after it is taught one time. 


Email Dr. Dawn Ford at Dawn-Ford@utc.edu or call 425-4204 with questions about the program or proposal submission process. 


Course design projects from 2015-present