Faculty Teams will select one of these four models:

1 - Fully online

A face-to-face course is redesigned so that in-class seat time is replaced with technology enhanced instruction via UTC Learn. General education courses preferred.

2 - Hybrid/blended 

Also called the replacement model, a face-to-face course is redesigned so that in-class seat time is reduced and replaced with technology enhanced instruction via UTC Learn.  

3 - Enhanced face-to-face

Also called the supplemental model, a face-to-face course is redesigned using an active learning approach; the majority of course content and/or course points (>50%) is delivered/earned using the selected approach.

Possible approaches are: 

  • Flipped classroom:  Direct instruction moves from the classroom to the individual learning space, and the classroom is transformed into a dynamic, interactive learning environment where the educator guides students as they apply concepts and engage creatively in the subject matter.
  • Team-based learning (TBL):  Students work in permanent work groups throughout the semester, engage in team development and peer evaluation, and the majority of class time is spent in small group activities, necessitating a shift in the role of the instructor from dispenser of information to manager of the learning process.
  • Problem-based learning (PBL):  Students gain knowledge and skills by working for an extended period of time to investigate and respond to a complex question, problem, or challenge. 
  • Experiential learning:  Students engage in hands-on, collaborative and reflective learning experiences which help them to learn. May involve students in a community setting, study abroad, internships, capstone, and culminating experiences. The essential component is student critical reflection before, during, and after the experience.

4 - Emporium model

Eliminates all lectures and replaces them with a learning resource center model featuring interactive software and on-demand personalized assistance.