UTC Learn Academic Acknowledgement

Beginning in the Summer 2015 semester, one of the additions to your UTC Learn courses* is a required Academic Acknowledgement activity for all enrolled students.  You will find the "Academic Acknowledgement" link on the left side navigation in each of your courses.  Do NOT delete, hide, or make unavailable this required student activity from your course.  You do not have to grade this item. Once students complete the activity it will automatically recorded. 

This activity should be completed by students during the first few days of classes. 

Summer part of term I:  May 13 - May 17

Summer long term:  May 13 - May 17

Summer part of term II: June 24 - June 28

For this activity, students will confirm receipt of the course syllabus and UTC Honor Code. The Academic Acknowledgement process incorporates student retention strategies while also facilitating federal financial aid enrollment confirmation requirements. Our hope is that these efforts will encourage the use of UTC Learn for student access to syllabi and other course materials.  

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Walker Center for Teaching and Learning by phone at 423-425-4188 or by email at wctl@utc.edu

 * Courses which do not require a syllabus (4994, 4995, 4997, 4998, 5997, 5998, 5999, 7995, 7999 – eg. individual study, thesis, dissertation, research, internship, co-op, exchange, etc.) are currently excluded from this requirement.