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Academic Continuity

Emergency events such as natural disasters and disease outbreaks have the potential to disrupt scheduled face-to-face and hybrid courses. Faculty members can prepare for the possibility of campus closures through alternative instructional plans. UTC Learn Canvas supports academic learning across several core categories of class activities such as the ability to communicate with students, deliver course content, engage student participation, administer assignments and assessments, and track grades. In the event face-to-face classroom instruction is interrupted for an extended period of time, instructors can utilize UTC Learn Canvas to continue their instruction. For both novice and experienced UTC Learn Canvas users, the resources and strategies below will help you quickly switch to online course delivery.

Need Help? 

Working from home? Need Equipment?

Learning at home? (Information for your STUDENTS)

  • Learning from home IT resources
  • Technology Equipment Request form for STUDENTS
    • Laptop or desktop computer, tablet or smartphone.
    • Microphone – this may be built into your laptop or computer, or you may use an external device such as a USB microphone or headphones.
    • Webcam – a camera may already be built into your laptop, but you can also use an external USB camera for video conferencing.
    • Internet – either commercially provided (ex. Comcast, AT&T, etc), or a wireless hotspot through your mobile phone.