UTC Learn Academic Acknowledgement

For our continued efforts to facilitate student learning and success, we want to share information about the Academic Acknowledgement for Fall 2016.   When courses are created in UTC Learn, the course template will include an “Academic Acknowledgement” link on the left side navigation in each of your courses.   The Academic Acknowledgement section includes student confirmation of receipt of the course syllabus and understanding of the UTC Honor Code. The Academic Acknowledgement process is designed to incorporate student engagement strategies while also serving as a proxy for federal financial aid enrollment confirmation requirements. 

As a course instructor, we need your help to ensure that the Academic Acknowledgement link and activity are available to your students; so please do not delete the activity, hide the activity, or make it unavailable.  Once courses are made available to students on the first day of classes, students will click on the link to access and complete a required activity in every course in which they are enrolled.  For this activity, students will acknowledge receipt of the course syllabus and UTC’s Honor Code. Faculty do not need to grade this item, and it is not included as part of the course grade. Once students complete the activity it will be automatically recorded. This activity should be completed by students during the first few days of classes.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Walker Center for Teaching and Learning by phone at 423-425-4188 or by email at wctl@utc.edu.