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Normand Lavoie
Veteran Peer Mentor
Veteran Student Services
  141 University Center
Normand Lavoie is an U.S. Army veteran with nine years of service. As an Engineer officer he was
stationed at Fort Hood with the 36th Engineer Brigade and deployed to Afghanistan in 2012 to conduct
route clearance. He also served in the Tennessee National Guard in the 278th
Armored Cavalry Regiment
and deployed with Task Force Raider to Poland in support of NATO.
After leaving active duty, Normand moved to Chattanooga for a position as a production supervisor in a
new manufacturing process. He spent two years at the site before receiving moving to Wilmington,
North Carolina, to work as the operations supervisor. Although his wife and him enjoyed living near the
ocean, they missed the mountains and wanted to be back in Chattanooga. Normand resigned from his
position to pursue his MBA and start company in Chattanooga. In his free time Normand enjoys
spending time with his young son and wife. The family is typically hiking or mountain biking on