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Yoseph Yemin
Veteran Peer Mentor
Veteran Student Services
  141 University Center
My name is Yosi Yemin. I grew up in Israel, and moved to America when I was in my twenties. A few
years later I joined the US Marine Corps. I served in the Marines from 2009 to 2014 as an Air Traffic
Contron Communications Technician. During that time I met my wife. When I eventually got out of the
military, after over a year of world travel, we moved to Georgia to be near her family. I worked for a few
years while she finished up her degree. After graduating we moved to Chattanooga to be near her new
job, and I joined UTC to pursue a double major in Computer Science: Data Science and Cybersecurity.
Which brings us to today. I'm currently loving Chattanooga and all of the outdoor activities that are
available here. School has been a lifestyle adjustment, but a mostly positive one. Still I'm looking
forward to graduation, so I can start a career as a developer.