UTC SALUTE Veterans National Honor Society


VALUES: Service – Academics – Leadership – Unity – Tribute – Excellence

SALUTE - the only national honor society in the nation recognizing and honoring the service and the scholastic achievements of this generation’s greatest veterans.

Student Membership

  • A certificate and military-style challenge coin commemorating individual membership in SALUTE and a specific level of academic achievement
  • Opportunities to network, as well as, receive and give assistance to fellow student veteran members
  • Wear SALUTE Honor's regalia to demonstrate academic achievements as a veteran at graduation
  • Participate in local and national SALUTE programs
  • Compete for Scholarships
  • Enhance your resume with formal academic acknowledgement and engage in local leadership positions

Student Membership Criteria

  • Honorable Discharge from the United States military (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard or National Guard) or provide proof of current duty station
  • Must be classified as a degree seeking student
  • Undergraduate student with at least a 3.00 GPA and have completed 12 credit hours OR Graduate student with at least a 3.50 GPA and has completed 9 credit hours
  • Pay One-Time Membership Fee of $35 

Tier-Upgrade Mobility

  • Members are encouraged to move up to the next higher tier level as their GPA increases. This serves to motivate students to strive from improvement. Higher tier levels have opportunities for greater scholarship money and receive updated materials. Such as, new certificate, along with a personalized letter of recommendation from SALUTE National.
  • To complete a tier-upgrade, fill out the Tier Appeal Petition Form and pay the $10 upgrade fee.
  • Submit completed Tier Form to utcsalute@utc.edu; or to Chapter Director, Squoia Holmes in Veteran Student Services (UC ROOM 145).

Faculty/Staff/Alumni Professional Membership Criteria

  • A Veteran 
  • Alumni of an accredited school, or collegiate chapters
  • Have made a distinctive contribution to their profession or to veterans services
  • Earned one or more degrees qualifying them to work in a profession with the above scholastic eligibility requirements and are currently or have worked with student veterans
  • Matriculated student veterans who meet the above scholastic and service eligibility requirements (if applicable)
  • Support SALUTE National through monetary or talent donations

Professional Membership Expectations: Professional members are expected to support their local chapters in the manner that best suits their talents and abilities and the needs of the chapters.  The following serves as an example but is not all inclusive:

  • Seeks to build a community-based team of support for the veteran or their family
  • Invests time and energy to help the veteran make informed decisions
  • Provide guidance for dealing with college chaos – bridging the gap between military structure to an academic environment
  • Pay $100 lifetime membership fee

For additional information visit utc.edu/veterans or email Chapter Director, Squoia Holmes at utcsalute@utc.edu.


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