TBR Veteran Dependents Post-Secondary Education Assistance 

This measure (resulting from amendment to state law TCA Title 49, Chapter 7) provides eligible dependent children and spouses of veterans educational assistance by waiving tuition, maintenance fees, activity fees and/or required registration and/or matriculation fees.


  • Parent or spouse deceased as a result of injuries received while honorably serving in the U.S. armed forces during a qualifying period of armed conflict or,

  • Parent or spouse is officially reported as being either a prisoner of war or missing in action while honorably serving as a member of the armed forces during a qualifying period of armed conflict.

  • Parent or spouse must have been a Tennessee citizen when the veteran was killed, taken as a prisoner of war or reported missing in action.

  • Student must be accepted for admission and pursuing a declared degree or program certificate.

Eligibility Requirements

  • No dependent child/spouse may receive the benefit after the conclusion of the term during which the parent/spouse is officially removed from the prisoner of war or missing in action status.

  • A spouse’s eligibility shall terminate 10 years after the death of the veteran. A spouse’s eligibility shall terminate immediately upon such person’s remarriage within the 10 years. A spouse’s eligibility shall terminate when student has earned 135 credit hours or attempted 150 credit hours.

  • A dependent’s eligibility shall terminate at 23 years of age, earned 135 credit hours, or has attempted 150 credit hours.

  • Any refunds will be credited to the appropriate source. No awards for tuition and fees only will be refunded to the student.

  • Waiver can only be used toward first undergraduate degree or certificate, and up to 150 credit hours.

  • This program will be used first and cannot be used simultaneously for benefits under other fee discount programs with the exception of grant-in-aid and desegregation program recipients.

Required Forms

  • Application for waiver.

  • Official certification from the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs that the parent or spouse of veteran is deceased as a result of injuries during a period of armed conflict or;

  • Official documentation from the U.S. Department of Defense that the parent/spouse has been officially reported as being a prisoner of war or missing in action serving honorably in armed conflict.

  • Certificate of release of discharge from active duty (Form DD214, Members 4) for the veteran.

  • Proof of Tennessee Residency (Ex. Voter registration card, driver's license, etc.)

  • For dependents—birth certificate or adoption documents

  • For spouses—marriage certificate

Important Terms

  • Dependent child – biological or adopted child of a service member or veteran who is claimed as a dependent for income tax purposes.

  • Parent – the parent of a biological or adopted child claimed by the parent as a dependent for tax purposes.

  • Qualifying period of armed conflict – any hostile military operation for which Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal, Southwest Asia Service Medal with at least one bronze star, or Vietnam Service Medal with at least one bronze star.

  • Service member – Tennessee resident engaged in active U.S. military service.

  • Served Honorably – reported service condition on DD-214, Members 4.

  • Veteran – Tennessee resident who served and was honorably discharged from the U.S. armed forces.


  1. Student completes application. 

  2. Student provides completed application and all documentation required to the VA School Certifying Official.

  3. Data must be provided to the School Certifying Official at least three weeks prior to the fee payment deadline posted by UTC Bursar’s Office.

  4. The School Certifying Official reviews the application and documents. If complete and accurate, the official submits the student’s waiver to the Bursar's Office. The Bursar's Office will be responsible for posting the waiver.

  5. If documents are not complete, the School Certifying Official will send an email to the student indicating actions that are needed.

  6. If no response has been received or documentation is not complete by the first day of classes, the School Certifying Official places documents in an inactive status and no further action will be taken.

  7. Student must confirm that his or her status on the original application/documentation has not changed prior to any future waivers.

  8. As long as the student’s status has not changed, the student completes a renewal application at least three weeks prior to the fee payment deadline posted by the UTC Bursar’s Office each term.


TBR Veterans’ Dependents’ Post-Secondary Education Assistance Application →

Submit a complete application packet by mail, email or in person to the School Certifying Official in the Veteran Student Services in the University Center Room 141.