Veteran and Military Connected Scholarships

Status Scholarship Name Deadline Amount Link Renewable
Navy Anchor Scholarship Foundation 1-Mar-19 $2400-5000 Yes
Dependent of Woman Army Women's Foundation Legacy 9-Jan-19 $1000-2500 No
Dependents Fisher House Foundation Scholarship for Military Children 13-Feb-19 $2,000 Yes
Dependents or Spouse Academic Top Scholars 15-May-19 N/A Yes
Veteran or Dependents Keller Law Offices Annual Scholarship for Military Veterans 15-Jul-19 $1,000 No
Veteran TonaLaw Scholarship 31-July-19 & 30-Nov-19 $1,000 No
Dependents MG James Ursano Scholarship Fund 1-Apr-19 $500-3400 Yes
Dependents or Spouse Folds of Honor Higher Education Scholarship 31-Mar-19 $5,000 Yes
Dependent Freedom Alliance Scholarships Fund N/A N/A Yes
Veteran Hammer Family Scholarship 20-Apr-19 $5,000 No
Veteran or Dependents Wesley Hammon Leach Scholarship 20-Apr-19 $2,500 No
Female Veteran or Female Reserve or Medical Service Corps Dr. Nancy M. Schonher Scholarship 20-Apr-19 $5,000 No
Veteran Richard & Susan Braun Family Scholarship 20-Apr-19 $5,000 No
Veteran Caesar Viglienzone Memorial Scholarship 20-Apr-19 $5,000 No
Veteran or Reserve Marines' Memorial Tribute Scholarship 20-Apr-19 $5,000 No
Guard or Reservists or Dependent TN National Guard Scholarship Program 1-Mar-19 $1,500 Yes
Veteran Sentinels of Freedom (SOF) Scholarship 1-June-19 & 1-Nov-19 $1,000 No
Dependant or Spouses Marine Gunnery Sergeant John David Fry Scholarship Anytime Full Tuition & Fees Yes
Veteran or Spouse Pat Tillman Scholarship 1-Apr-19 $10,000 Yes
Veteran or Dependant or Spouse North American Van Lines Logistic Scholarship N/A $1,000 No
Veteran VOLT Military Family Scholarship 30-June-19 & 30-Nov-19 $400 No
Dependant or Spouses Purple Heart Foundation 1-Mar-19 Varies N/A
Surviving Child A Million Thanks Scholarship 31-Mar-19 & 15-Oct-18 Varies Kinda
Veteran or Dependant or Spouse Anthony Castelli Attorney's Veteran's College Scholarship 28-May-19 $500 No
Veteran w/ 100% or Dependent or Spouse Veteran United Foundation Scholarship 30-Mar-19 $50,000 No
All Students Google - SVA Scholarship 1-Nov-19 $10,000 No
All Students Ron Brown Scholar Program 1-Nov-19 10,000 / 40,000 No
All Students College JumpStart Scholarship 15-Apr-19 & 17-Oct-19 $1,000 Yes
All Students 1000 Dreams Scholarship Fund Apr 19 & Nov19 $1,000 No
All Students AACE International Scholarships 28-Feb-19 $2,500 No
All Students American Chemistry Society (ASC) Scholarship 1-Mar-19 $2500-5000 Yes
All Students Scholar Serve 15-Feb-19 $3,000 No
All Students Youth Forward Scholarship 1-Dec-19 $500 Yes
All Students P.C. Person Injury Scholarship 1-Dec-19 $5,000 No
All Students Zinda Law Group Scholarships 1-Dec-18 $1,000 No
All Students Herman & Herman Innovation Scholarship 1-Dec-18 $5,000 No
All Students TicketCity Annual College Scholarship Program 1-Dec-18 $3,000 No
All Students Stephen J. Brady Stop Hunger Scholarship 5-Dec-18 $5,000 No
All Students Novus Biological Schoalrship Program 13-Dec-18 $1,500 No
All Students Creative Safety Supply Scholarship Program 15-July-18 & 15 Dec-18 $1,000 No
All Students Scarlett Family Foundation Scholarship Program 15-Dec-18 $2,500 Yes
All Students AfterCollege Succurro Scholarship 31-Dec-18 $500 No
All Students Advancement of Women in Sports and Entertainment Scholarship 14-June-19 & 17-Nov-19 $1,000 Yes
All Students PeakPicker Scholarship Program 30-Dec-19 $500 No
All Students Adore Me Scholarship 1-Mar-19 $1,000 No
All Students 2019 Hammett, Bellin & Oswald Law & Justice Scholarship 31-May-19 $750 No
All Students Flavor of the Month Scholarship 31-Oct-19 $1,500 No
All Students Vegetarian Resource Group Scholarship 20-Feb-19 $5,000 / $10,000 No
All Students Tylenol Future Care Scholarships 28-Jun-19 $5,000 - 10,000 No
Institutional CECS Dean's Merit Scholarship Depends Depends Depends
Institutional Chancellor Scholarship 1-Dec-19 $5,000 Yes
Institutional Chattanooga Yes Scholarship 1-Dec-19 $3,000 Yes
Institutional College of Business DSAC Adward 16-Mar N/A Yes
All Students Ronald McDonald Charities Scholarship 23-Jan-19 $2,000 No
Institutional Edith White Cassell Memorial Scholarship N/A N/A Yes
Institutional Douglas Gumerman/Heil Trailer International Scholarship 1-Mar-19 N/A N/A
Institutional/All Students Hope Aspire Award 1-Sept-19 &   1-Feb-19 $1,500 Yes
Foster Children TN Hope Foster Child Scholarship 1-Sept-19 &   1-Feb-20 Depends Yes
Institutional/All Students General Assembly Merit Scholarship 1-Sept-19 &   1-Feb-21 $1,500 Yes
Institutional/All Students Provisional Method HOPE Scholarship (HOPE 2nd Ruling ) 1-Sept-19 &   1-Feb-22 N/A Yes
Institutional/All Students HOPE Scholarship 1-Sept-19 &   1-Feb-23 $2,000 Yes
Institutional/All Students HOPE Scholarship (25+) 1-Sept-19 &   1-Feb-24 N/A Yes
ADHD Michael Yasick ADHD Scholarship 31-May-19 $2,000 No
Minorities The Lagrant Foundation 18-Jan-19 $2,500 No
Female & Minority The Generation Google Scholarship 6-Dec-19 $10,000!?detail-content-tabby_activeEl=detail-north-america-content No
Minorities Xerox Minority Scholarship 30-Sep-19 $1,000 - $10,000 N/A
African-American The Jackie Robinson Foundation Grant 1-Feb-19 $7,500 Yes
African-American NABJ Scholarship 13-Feb-19 $2,500 No
Dependent Heroes' Legacy Scholarship 15-Feb-19 N/A N/A
Graduated high school in Tennessee & other mentioned states Extend the Dreams Student Scholarship 15-Apr-19 $1,000 No
Legal resident in Tennessee & other mentioned states Regions Riding Forward Scholarship Essay Contest 28-Feb-18 $3,500 - $5,000 No
Full-Time undergraduate nursing program Barbara Rhomberg 31-Mar-19 $1,000 No
U.S. Citizen Cheap Car Insurance Scholarship 31-Oct-19 $5,000 No
Man In Nursing Program Breaking Barriers: Scholarship for Men in Nursing 1-Aug-19 $500 No
Nursing Program's Nurses First Scholarship 1-Aug-19 $1,000 No
Actively enrolled from RN to BSN Bridging Your Career: The RN to BSN Scholarship 1-Aug-19 $500 No
College Student The Sleeklens Academic Scholarship Program 30-Mar-19 $2,000 No
Ethnic Minority planning to pursue the CPA licensure AICPA Scholarship Award for Minority Accounting Students 1-Apr-19 $3,000 - $5,000 No
Member of LGBT Community Point Foundation 28-Jan-19 N/A N/A
College Student Alcohol Addiction Awareness Essay Contest 1-Oct-19 $1,000 & $3,000 No
College Student Altec Design Web Scholarship 15-Jul-19 $750 No
Junior, Senior in H.S. or Undergraduate AMZ - Expert Amazon Student Scholarship 15-Dec-19 $1,000 No
Specific Major Bat and Ball Game Women's Sports Scholarship 5-May-19 $1,000 No
College Student Becker Law Office - Scholarship Essay Conest 15-Apr-19 $1,000 - $2,500 No
College Student Biology Dictionary 15-Oct-19 $1,000 No
Full-Time College Student Black Note Scholarship 15-Sep-19 $2,000 No
College Student except for Senior Business Broker Scholarship 1-Sep-19 $2,000 No
Any Student Continued Learning Scholarship 1-Mar-19 $1,000 No
Full-Time Student Cottage & Bungalow Scholarship 15-Jan-19 $500 No
Economics or Real Estate Program Business Leaders of Tomorrow 29-Jan-19 $1,000 No
Engineering or Science AWS Barbara and Richard Couch Hypertherm Scholarship 1-Mar-19 $2,500 N/A
Undergraduate Students Tennessee Student Assistance Award 1-Apr-19 $1,000 - $4,000 Yes
All Students Innovation In Education Scholarship 20th of Each Month $500 No
All Students Music Authority's Annual Music Lovers Scholarship 1-Apr-19 $1,000 No
All Students Clubs of America 31-Aug-19 (Every Year) $1,000 No
High School Senior in Nashville or Middle TN Jack Diller Education Award 15-Feb-19 $2,500 No
Williamson County Schools in TN Kathy D. and Stephen J. Anderson Scholarship Fund 15-Mar-19 $2,500 (For Four Years) Yes
Field: Working with Children NAJA Graduate Scholarship Program 1-Feb-19 N/A Yes
Metro Nashville Public School Rachel Allison Cate Scholarship Fund 15-Mar-19 $500 - $2500 Yes
Teacher Education (Junior) Tennessee Christa McAuliffe Scholarship 1-Apr-19 $500 No
Minorities Tennessee Minority Teaching Fellows Program 15-Apr-19 $5,000 Yes
Resident in Tennessee Tennessee Ned McWherter Scholars Program 15-Feb-19 $6,000 Yes
All High School Students NIADA Foundation Regional Scholarships 22-Mar-19 $3,500 No
All Students Stegall Charitable Educational Foundation Scholarship 1-Jul-19 $500 (Per Semester) Yes
High School Senior Horatio Alger State Scholarship (Tennessee) 25-Oct-19 N/A Yes
Dependent Child of EMS, Fireman, Police Officer KIA or 100% disabled Dependent Children Scholarship Program 15-Jul-19 N/A Yes
Dual Enrollment Dual Enrollment Grant 15-Sep-19 $500 Yes
Tennessee Public School Teacher Tennessee Math and Science Teacher Loan Forgiveness Program 1-Sep-19 $2,000 (Per Academic Year) Yes
Civil Engineering or Welding AWS Arsham Amirikian Engineering Scholarship 1-Mar-19 $2,500 Yes
Minorities Majoring in Environmental Sciences Brown and Caldwell Minority Scholarship 15-Apr-19 $5,000 N/A
Majoring in Environmental or Natural Sciences Environmental Studies/Natural Sciences Scholarship Program 31-Mar-19 $1,000 N/A
Women or Minority Students Majoring in Computer Science ESA Foundation Scholarship Program for Minority Students 26-Apr-19 $3,000 Yes
Majoring in Nursing Caroline E. Holt Nursing Scholarship 10-Feb-20 $2,500 No
First Generation College Students Fontana Transport Inc. Scholars Program 15-Mar-19 $5,000 N/A
STEM Major Gladys Carol Scholarship 30-Mar-19 $2,500 Yes (Only 2 Years
STEM Major Jesse L. Jackson - Fellows Toyota Scholarship 1-May-19 $25,000 Yes
High School African American Majoring in Health Care Profession Mae and Mary Scholarship Fund 30-Apr-19 N/A No
STEM Major National Space Club Keynote Scholarships Dec-19 $10,000 No
Women AFWM Ford Empowering America Scholarship 1-May-19 $2,000 - $3,000 No
Majoring in Business, Computer Science, or Graphics Lynda Baboyian Memorial Scholarship 1-May-19 $2,000 No
Interested in Photojournalism NPPF Bob East Scholarship 1-Mar-19 $2,000 No
Interested in Photojournalism NPPF Kit C. King Scholarship 1-Mar-19 $2,000 No
Undergraduate Students Interested in Photojournalism NPPF Reid Blackburn Scholarship 1-Mar-19 $2,000 No
Intended to be Video Storytellers NPPF TV Scholarship 1-Mar-19 $2,000 No
College Students Majoring in Communications or Journalism OWAA Bodie McDowell Scholarship 1-Mar-19 $1,000 - $5,000 No
Majoring in Public Relations, Communications, Media Studies, Marketing or Journalism within entertainment or sports industry Floyd Mayweather Jr. Foundation: Advancement of Women in Sports Entertainment Scholarship 14-Jun-19 $1,000 No
Minority Majoring in Business, Communications, Culinary, Finance, Hospitality Administration or Management, or Marketing UNCF/Carnival Corporate Scholars Program 22-Jan-20 $5,000 (For Two Years) Yes
Graduate Majoring in Mental Health Field The Melanie Foundation Scholarship 5-Mar-19 $2,500 No
Woman Majoring in Communications - related field Judy Corman Memorial Scholarship and Internship from Scholastic 26-Jan-20 $2,500 - $10,000 No