Program Services


Students participate in hands-on and exploratory science activities, as well as work in research labs. Students participate in both the school year and summer components upon entry to the program until high school graduation.  All program services are free and students receive a small stipend for their participation.

Academic Component

September to April: Students are offered tutorial support in their schools and they participate in Saturday sessions on UTC’s campus. UBMS staff work diligently to maintain effective relationships with Brainerd High School and Howard School of Academics & Technology staff members to ensure students receive the support they need. Students also spend Saturday mornings with Hamilton County School Teachers, UTC professors and staff. The academic areas covered include Math, Science, English Composition/English Literature, Computer Science and Academic Counseling/Career Exploration and Research. These classes are designed to supplement high school work and prepare students for post-secondary education.

Summer Component

June and July: The Upward Bound Math Science PRISM program conducts a six-week  residential program. Students stay in the dorms on UTC’s campus, attending classes Monday through Friday, getting a feel for what college life is like. The summer curriculum emphasis is on subject matter enrichment (not remediation) and intensive research in the areas of math and science.


Services offered throughout the year include:

If you are interested in participating in the Upward Bound Math Science program, please print and fill out our Application, and send it to our administrative office with all requested documentation:

Upward Bound Math Science PRISM
The Doctor’s Building, Suite 223
Department 6648
615 McCallie Avenue
Chattanooga, TN 374103-2598
Phone: 423-425-2207
Fax: 423-425-2249


UBMS Application


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The Upward Bound Math-Science Program is a 100% Federally Funded TRiO program, receiving annual funding of $287,537.