The Upward Bound Math Science: PRISM Program was first funded in June 1999 by the U.S. Department of Education. Current funding totals $250,000 per year. The program serves Hamilton County Students in 9th through 12th grades. Program staff members stay in contact with students for years after their high school graduation. The goals of the program are to Improve Standardized Tests Scores for each student, to Retain Students in the Program, to ensure Post-secondary Enrollment after High School Graduation, and to have students obtain a post-secondary baccalaureate degree.


Summary of Findings for 2007-2012

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Thoughts from Program Participants:


"Upward Bound Math Science helped me figure out which college is best for me and also taught me to network and get involved while in college."

-Arreona Jackson, Class of 2009

Student at Austin Peay State University


"TRiO means a lot to me. Being able to get the experience of living on campus and taking classes has made me realize that this program has helped me improve on the confidence I need to succeed in college. I know that I will never forget how important my education is for my future accomplishments."

-Tyesha Preston, Class of 2013

Student at Middle Tennessee State University


"UBMS introduced me to college life and gave me the motivation to go to college to succeed in life. UBMS is a positive environment for inner city kids from poverty and gives you the motivation to go to college."

-Marlon Crawl, Class of 2013

Student at Lane University