University Web Services

Publish your content via web pages, blogs and more. 

Managing Websites

Here you will find support on a variety of tasks you will need to be comfortable performing as a UTC web site editor.

The key to accomplishment is understanding

  • what you want to be able to do,
  • what is possible to do and
  • how to do what you what you need.

After this, editing the web site should become fairly routine. As you spend time using the system, you will internalize the way it works and find that you can anticipate problems and solutions as you work.  Our goal is for you to not need us, but we are here when you do.

Web Tools

Site, section and page development

We suggest a three step method for efficiently creating web pages.

In order to move information into OU Campus:

  • Create empty "shells" for all of your pages
    • this step creates the navigation structure of the site or section
  • Copy & paste the text into the empty shells
    • this step creates a functional and searchable website
  • Enhance your pages with images, links, and tables
    • this step enhances the user experience and finishes the site

Current users may view the tutorials in the Instructional section of this site.