Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is OU Campus?
    • OU Campus is a content management system created by OmniUpdate which specializes in providing high education with content management systems.
  2. Does my website belong in OU Campus?
    • Yes. All university departments are required to have a website and should be managed through OU Campus.
  3. Does OU Campus require a software installation?
  4. Does access to OU Campus cost money?
    • No. Departments will not incur any costs related to OU Campus.
  5. Can someone help me organize my content?
    • Yes. If you would like to discuss your site and how best to organize its content, please email
  6. Who controls the content on profile pages?
    • Web editors control the content on profile pages. Therefore, the web editors can monitor employee status, change photos, add content, edit content and more on behalf of departmental employees.
  7. How do I handle PDF files?
    • PDF files are stored on the production server and are treated similar to an image.
    • Be sure to upload your PDF to the /pdfs folder.
    • After uploading your PDF you must publish the file before it can be linked to inside a webpage.
    • Link to the PDF on the production server by browsing to it inside the /pdfs folder.
    • Be sure to upload your pdfs to your /pdf folder.
  8. Will there be advanced training?
    • Please visit the Advanced page for some instructional information.
  9. How does the vertical navigation differ from the horizontal navigation?
    • The vertical navigation is the primary navigation for a site and should be utilized first.
  10. Are there any naming conventions that should be followed?
    • Yes. Please avoid capital letters, spaces and special characters. Try to use single-word file names when possible and hyphens between words when not possible.
    • DO NOT DELETE THE ".pcf" extension on the file name.