WordPress Blogs

UTC Blogs' WordPress theme is inspired by the design for the main UTC site. Blogs run on the WordPress system, which is separate from the OU-Campus Content Management System. The WordPress theme has been applied to the UTC Blogs intro site. Learn more about blogs at http://blog.utc.edu/.

Blogs can be used in a variety of ways such as sharing news, facilitating discussions, creating responsive HTML email newsletters, or supporting special projects or events.

RSS Feeds from a blog can be displayed on the main UTC website via a sidebar asset.

To request a blog or RSS feed asset, please file a Web Services support request.

The Introductory Blog includes:

  • Information about UTC Blogs and the WordPress theme
  • Demonstration pages to showcase the features
  • Tutorials to assist training of blog administrators and editors
  • How to Create HTML Email newsletters

UTC Blogs screenshot

WordPress allows easy creation of news releases, blogs, special event and project pages, as well as project portfolios.

UTC Blogs screenshot

In addition to the basic Blog Excerpt view, the theme has an alternative Home Page layout that will make it suitable for micro-sites such as grant project sites, capstone project sites, event sites, etc.

UTC Blogs screenshot

The theme is mobile-friendly, with a layout that changes and adapts to device display width. It works equally well on desktops, laptops, tablets and phones. Try it on various devices, or resize your browser window to experience the responsive layout.

UTC Blogs screenshot on iPhone