Simple Search/Filter option for long tables

If you have tables containing large amounts of data, you may wish to request a Search/Filter form. Web Services can add a Javascript plugin to your page; you then add the table class: filter, and a Search/Filter form field will appear above the table. Users can type in keywords, and the plugin will hide any table rows that do not contain the keyword(s).

Examples of Search/Filter tables:

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Responsive options for oversize tables

Some tables contain too many columns (or too much data within a column) to be presented on small viewports.

There are several options to consider.

For tables with several columns, but little data per column, you may choose to display the table on a Full Width template page.

For complicated tables, web services can install the FooTable plugin. FooTable has the following options:

  • Responsive tables: toggle and condense less important columns at tablet and phone viewport widths
  • Sorting: sort rows by column heading
  • Filtering: keyword search; hides rows except those containing keywords
  • Pagination: break long tables into multiple pages

Examples of responsive tables: 

FooTable Example with Responsive breakpoints and Column sorting

Resize the browser window or rotate your screen to see the responsive behavior.

  • Click the [+] symbol to expose hidden columns
  • Click the sorting arrows to sort columns alphabetically
  • Numeric and date sorting are similar, but require additional coding

See the FooTable demo site to explore the possibilities.

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