File Management Tips

“What if I have multiple images or PDFs to upload? Do I have to rename every single file, every time I upload?”

The short answer is, “Yes”.

OU Campus will not permit uploads of files with Mixed Case, spaces, special characters, etc.

  • PDF documents must be uploaded to the /pdf folder
  • JPEG, PNG and GIF must be uploaded to the /images folder
  • PPT, XLS, DOC must be uploaded to the /docs folder

The required file name convention is: lowercase alphanumeric, with hyphens as separators.

  • e.g. my-image.jpg, 20010305-my-document.pdf
  • not: March Meeting Minutes & Notes.pdf, I_think_this_is_Bobby?.jpg

Renaming files one at a time (whether before or during upload) may be a huge hassle if you have more than a few.

However, you can:

  • batch download files from existing website via WebDAV
  • batch rename the files to lowercase-hyphen
  • compress multiple files to a zip archive
  • upload via OU Campus zip import

Detailed info on batch file renaming (and shareware software tools) for Windows users: