Flu Vaccine Submission Instructions for Students

The flu vaccine is required for all students enrolled in spring 2021 semester. The immunization must have been received after August 15, 2020. Please use the following instructions below to provide proof of immunization.

Step 1

Log into the Medicat Patient Portal.


Step 2

Click on "Immunizations" from the main menu.

Click on Immunizations

Step 3

Under "Verified", click on the Required Blue bar to expand.

Click the blue bar to expand

Step 4

Enter the date of the vaccination. 

Enter vaccination date

Step 5

Click the "Upload" button in the main menu.

Click Upload from the main menu

Step 6

Choose "Immunization History" from the document upload drop down.

Choose Immunization History from drop down


Step 7

Click "Select File" and select the Flu Vaccine document from your computer to provide proof of your vaccination.

Select the document from your computer