History of the University Center

  • 1972-1974
    • Construction of 83,100 square feet
    • Jack Tyler & Associates, architects
    • Cost $3,400,000
    • Included
      • Chattanooga Room
      • Food Service and dining room
      • Signal Mountain Room
      • Three meeting rooms
      • Game Room
      • The Echo Office (student newspaper)
      • Student Government Association offices
      • Student Affairs
    • This is an example of modern architecture during that time.  The detailed woodwork in the handrail of the main lobby stairs is an example of this modern design.
  • 1982-1984
    • Addition of 53,800 square feet
      Joint venture, Socrates Sabater and William Martin, architects
      Cost $2,854,000
      • Atrium with skylights
      • Athletic dining room
      • Tennessee Room
      • Additional meeting rooms
      • Raccoon Mountain Room
      • Renovation of Food Services/Grill Area
  • 1987-1989
    • TWH Architects, W. Vance Travis
      Cost $1,350,000
      • Relocation of Game Room to lower level
      • Atrium remodel
      • Patio
      • Student Activities Area
      • Remodel of Counseling and Placement centers
  • 1994
    • First meeting to brainstorm new addition
  • 1997-98
    • Students approve referendum to increase fees from $52 to $60 per semester to finance addition. Student survey conducted and town meetings held on specifics of University Center expansion
  • 2002-2004
    • Renovation and expansion project completed, adding 77, 264 square feet
      TWH Architects, W. Vance Travis
      Cost $17,000,000
      • Food Services
      • 600 seat Commons
      • 300 seat Auditorium
      • Chattanooga Room
      • UC Foundation Board room
      • Adult Services
      • Bookstore
      • Student computer lab
      • Two level Gallery entrance
      • The Echo
      • Coffee Shop/Convenience Store
      • Space for future Departments

Of Interest

Meeting room names reflect the history and heritage of the Chattanooga region. Chattanooga (“rock rising to a point”), Tennessee (“the place where the river bends”), Hiwassee (“savanna or meadow”), Ocoee (“apricot vines”), Chickamauga (“river of death”), Sequoyah (Native American leader), and Cherokee Rooms are named for the Native American history of this region. Fortwood, Lookout Mountain, Signal Mountain, Walden Ridge, Riverbend, and Missionary Ridge room names are also significant for regional history.