University Center Application for Use of Facilities 

Prior to completing this form, please visit the link below for room descriptions and pictures to ensure your requested room will meet your meeting needs.  Recurring meetings can be listed on the same request.  Please include all dates and times.  

Room Descriptions


Responsible Contact Information
Event Information
If you request your event to be displayed on MasterCalendar, this description will be included on the calendar entry.
Requested University Services
A Media Tech is a staff member who will work your event for the purpose of assisting with audio/visual needs (not including recording and streaming). The cost for a Media Tech is $15.00/hr with a 2-hour minimum on weekdays and a 3-hour minimum on weekends. They will be scheduled to staff your event at least 30 minutes before your Event Start Time.
Additional Information
Facilities Use Terms and Conditions - Safety and Risk Management Statement
Facilities Use Terms and Conditions - Equal Opportunity Statement
Facilities Use Terms and Conditions - Electronic Signature