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Information About Meetings and Events 

  1. Room capacities in the Universty Center have been reduced to allow for proper social distancing.
  2. Masks must be worn at all times during all meetings and events.
  3. Social distancing must be observed at all meetings and events.
  4. Reservations found violating room capacity or mask requirements will be interrupted.  Continuous failure to comply will result in the cancellation of your reservation and possible loss of reservation privileges.
  5. Events are not permitted to have non-UTC guests in attendance.    
  6. Requests from non-UTC entities are not permitted for the remainder of 2020.  Requests for Spring 2021 are being accepted, but may not be permitted depending on COVID-19 conditions in spring.

The University has impemented an Interm COVID-19-Related Policy.  Please see Secion X for information regarding facility use.


Completing a reservation request form is the first step to having an event on campus.  All requests must be made by completing the appropriate form and returning it to the UC Office.

No rooms can be held until this form is received by the UC Office. Rooms are not booked until a Confirmed Reservation Email is received from a UC Staff member.  Please check the confirmation email to verify all information is correct. If you have any questions please call us at 423-425-4455.

Non-UTC entities and UTC Departments whose event is targeting the non-UTC community will be charged fees for use of space, technology, etc.  You can find the University Center fee information here.

If you have any questions about reserving space for University Center fees you can contact us at 423-425-4455.

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This reservation form is for UTC departments, committees, and registered Student Organizations to reserve space in the University Center for meetings and events.  Through this form you will see real-time room availability.  After submitting this form your request will have a status of "Pending".  The University Center Staff will process your request and send a confirmation email.

Rooms and technology are free for UTC departments, committees, and registered student organization with one exception.  UTC department event with a target audience of the non-UTC community will be charged fees for use of space, technology, etc.  Click here for fee information.

 UTC Department and Student Organization Request

Directions for Completing the New Request Form

This reservation form is for non-UTC entities and private individuals to request space in the University Center.  Please look through our room descriptions to make sure the room you are requesting meets your needs.  Fees for rooms and technology will be charged for your event.  Staffing fees will be charged if additional staffing is requested or deemed necessary by the University Center staff.

After completing this form a member of the UC staff will contact you with further information regard insurance requirements and minors-on-campus paperwork, if applicable.

Non-UTC Entity and Private Event Request

University Center Fees

This reservation form is for reserving one of the seven lobby tables: 4 in the UC in the Lobby off of Heritage Plaza, 3 in Lupton Hall on the first floor.  Each Lobby Table is numbered, and your table number will be on your confirmation email. Please make sure you have read through our Lobby Table Guidelines before submitting your request.  These guidelines have changed to incrase safety durign COVID-19. Online Lobby Table Request Form

This reservation form is for reserving one of the 10 banner spaces in the UC Commons.  Reservations are made for a week at a time (Sunday-Saturday).  Please make sure you have read through our Banner Guidelines before submitting your request.  Also, please make sure you have read through our Banner Making Guidelines before creating your banner.  Banner-making materials are available in the UC Game Room for student groups that have reserved banner space.Online Banner Space Request Form

You can request tables from the University Center for use at events outside in the vicinity of the UC.

Outside Table Request

The UC has several digital display boards mounted in high traffic areas of the building. If you would like to display an advertisement on these boards, please read our Digital Advertising Board Guidelines. Then click the button below to submit a request. 

Digital Advertising Request


If you are interested in reserving other space on campus you will need to contact the appropriate office listed below.

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