Renting Space in the UC

The UTC University Center has a variety of fees that may be assessed for events in the facility.  These fees can be organized into four different groups:  Facility Fee, Technology Fee, Staffing Fees, & Services Fee, with the Staffing and Services Fees having different types of fees within those groups. Each of these fees are discussed more in their respective sections below.

More detailed information about fees for UTC entities (departments, offices, and student organizations) and non-UTC entities (private individuals, non-profit and for-profit organizations) can be found below.


Student organizations who are actively registered through the Dean of Students Office are not charged for use of space or technology in the University Center.  They are also exempt from any Building Staffing Fees.  If a student organization requests Media Tech coverage for their event, if additional custodial support is required, or if security is deemed necessary for their event the applicable charges will be assessed.  Those fees will be discussed with the organization prior to the event being approved.  If security is deemed necessary for a student organization event the payment for security will be made directly to UTC Police.


Community alumni chapters of registered student organizations will be charged all appropriate fees regarding use of space, technology, staffing, etc., even if the UTC student organization members are invited to attend.

For most events, University departments and offices are not charged for using space or technology in the University Center.  Events that require staffing (i.e. Building Staffing if outside operating hours or Media Tech Staffing if requested) will be charged the applicable fees. 


Events from university departments and offices are charged the applicable Facility Fee and Technology Fee when certain conditions are present.

  • Target Audience – If the target audience of the event is the Non-UTC Community (i.e. not UTC students, faculty, and staff)
  • Non-UTC Audience Majority – If the majority of those expected to be in attendance are not from the UTC community (students, faculty, & staff), even if the target Audience is the UTC Community.
  • Co-Sponsoring with a Non-UTC Entity – Co-sponsoring with a non-UTC entity does not automatically cause the charge for space and technology. If a department or office co-sponsors with a non-UTC entity, and that entity is the primary contact for the event there will be charges for space and technology.
    • It is important to note the UTC entity’s responsibilities when co-sponsoring with a non-UTC entity. The UTC entity must ensure…
      • All non-affiliated individuals/entities comply with the terms of the Facilities Use Policy, other UTC and/or UT policies, and all local, state, and federal laws.
      • Any and all costs or fees associated with the event are paid.
      • All advertising complies with University policies.
      • All communication including reservation and event arrangements with the University Center staff.
      • UTC department representative must be present for the duration of the event.

The submission of the space request does not constitute co-sponsorship of an event.  The co-sponsoring UTC department must be an active participant in the planning and implementation of the event, including day-of participation.  


Private individuals, non-profit, and for-profit entities can rent University Center rooms for meetings and events.  These events will incur Facility Fee charges for use of the space, and may incur additional charges for use of technology, staffing, or other University Center-provided services.


Non-UTC entities are limited to a maximum of two reservations per semester during the fall (August – December) and spring (January – April) semesters.  During the summer (May – July), non-UTC entities are not limited on the number of reservations allowed in the University Center.     


The University may require non-UTC entities, including events by private individuals, to provide a certificate of insurance and a signed minors-on-campus indemnification form.  Non-profit entities are also required to show proof of current registered non-profit status.


Co-sponsorship by a UTC office, department, or registered student organization does not exempt a non-UTC entity from any fees regarding the use of space, technology, staffing, etc.  Similarly, UTC faculty, staff, students, and alumni are not exempt from fees for personal, non-UTC related events.


Be aware that the University Center may not be able to host your event for various reasons.  For example,

  • During certain busy or more important times of the year (Welcome Week, Commencement weekends, etc.), the University Center may be unavailable because of other potential campus events/needs.
  • During the Fall and Spring semesters, we may be unable to host your event during the day on weekdays because of limited parking on campus. There is some visitor/event parking on campus, but parking for larger meetings may be available.


More detailed information about fees for UTC departments and offices and non-UTC entities can be found below.


Facility Fee

The Facility Fee is the basic rental fee for use of a room in the University Center.  The Facility Fee includes the use of technology that is listed with the room in the Facility Fee list.  It is a flat daily fee regardless of the amount of time the space is used.  The UC does not charge based on half-day/whole date rates or by the hour. 

If any additional days for set-up and/or teardown are requested, there will be a charge of 1/2 of the Non-Profit Daily Rate.  Set-up/teardown days can only be requested for the Auditorium, Tennessee, and Chattanooga Rooms.


Non-Profit, Dept. Conf. Daily Rate

Private/ For-Profit Daily Rate

Includes the use of the computer, screen, & projector and 2 wireless microphones.



Chattanooga Room (1 Section)

Chattanooga Room (2 Sections)

Chattanooga Room (3 Sections)

Includes the first set-up and tables, chairs, etc. Technology available for an additional fee. There are 3 sections in the Chattanooga Room (A, B, C)







Tennessee Room
Includes the first set-up of tables, chairs, etc. Includes use of the projector and screen, 4-75” monitors, and 2 wireless microphones



Raccoon Mountain Room
Includes the use of the computer, screen and projector



Signal Mountain Room
Includes the use of the computer, screen and projector



Chickamauga Room
Includes the use of the computer, screen, and projector



Ocoee, Heritage and Fortwood Rooms 
Includes the use of the computer, screen and projector



Walden Ridge and Riverbend Rooms 

  • Walden Ridge: includes the use of a computer, 60” monitor, and webcam. 
  • Riverbend: Includes the use of a computer, 80” monitor, and webcam.



Hiwassee Room and Sequoyah Rooms

Includes the use of a computer, 86" monitor, and webcam
$95.00 $145.00
Game Room
Includes the use of all Game Room equipment. A Game Room Attendant is required for this space if you wish to use the game tables and equipment.  (See below for hourly rate.)  Technology available for an additional fee
$150.00 $300.00

Technology Fee

The Technology Fee is assessed when technology is requested above what is already built-in to the room. Many of our rooms are equipped with computers, screens, and projectors which are covered by the Facility Fee. If additional technology needs are requested (such as a microphone) then the Technology Fee would be assessed.

Item Daily Rate Quantity Available
Presentation Equipment    

A/V Cart
Includes a computer, projector and small speaker



Projector Screen (9’x12’)
Available for Chattanooga Rooms only



Projector Screen (5’x7’)



Computer not included

$50.00 3

50" Confidence Monitor/Digital Display
Monitor on rolling cart for use as a confidence monitor in the Tennessee or Chattanooga Rooms or as a display screen either inside or ourside your event space to show information such as event schedule, sponors, etc.

$25.00 1
Audio Equipment     

Wireless Microphone System
Either 1 handheld or 1 lapel microphone

$50.00 4
Wired Microphone $20.00 10

Mackie Audio Mixer
14-channel non-powered audio mixer. Microphones not included.

$50.00 1

Harbinger Audio System
4-channel amplifier with 2 speakers. Microphones not included.

$50.00 1

Fender Audio System
4-channel amplifier with 2 speakers. Microphones not included.

$50.00 1

JBL Speaker System
Amplifier/speaker combo with Bluetooth connection capabilities

$70.00 1

Explorer PA System
Amplifier/Speaker combo with 1 wireless microphone

$75.00 1

Monitor Speaker
One speaker for artist to hear music



Lighting Equipment


LED Light (1 Fixture)

  • LED light fixture that can be set-up to add color effects to a space. 
  • Can be used on the floor or elevated using a light tree (additional cost).
$15.00 8

LED Light Set
Contains 3 LED lights, one DMX controller, and one light tree.

$50.00 2

DMX Controller

  • Used for events when LED light transitions may be required.
  • DMX Controller is not required for basic LED Light use.
$10.00 2

Light Tree
Used for elevating LED light fixtures. Lights not included.

$5.00 3

Staffing Fee

The Staffing Fee is assessed when additional staffing is requested or required for an event. Examples of items that fall under this fee would be the UC needing to open early stay open late for your event, additional custodial coverage, or a requested Media Technician.

Staffing Type Hourly Rate

Building Staffing
For extended building hours (early opening or late closing) there is a minimum charge of 1 hour on days when the University Center is scheduled be open. If the University Center opens for your event on a day we are scheduled to be closed there is a 3-hour minimum.


Media Technician
This person staffs an event for the purpose of A/V support. Weekday Minimum: 2 Hours
Weekend Minimum: 3 Hours


Game Room Attendant
This person is required for all events in the UC Game Room. There is a 3-hour minimum for this charge.


Security (UTC Police)
The charge for security is determined by the number and type of officers scheduled for your event, as recommended by UTC Police. There is a 3-hour minimum for a security officer. Security is required for any event with on-site money collection and/or sales.  


(per hour, per officer max.)

This charge is assessed if additional custodial coverage is deemed necessary for your event. For events when an additional custodian is required there is a 4-hour minimum.


Second Room Set-Up
During your reservation, if either the Tennessee or Chattanooga Room is requested to be reset to a different set- up(ex. from Auditorium to Banquet) this fee will be assessed. This fee is per room, per reset.


(flat rate)