Frequently Asked Questions

What are the capacities of the Chattanooga Rooms and the Tennessee Room?

Being multi-functional spaces, the Chattanooga Rooms and the Tennessee Room can be set to meet the specific needs of your event, and the capacities of those spaces depend on the set-up type.  You can find a breakdown of the capacities by set-up type here.  For set-ups where there would be a defined front of the room (auditorium, banquet, etc.) we have allocated space for a small stage, podium, etc.  For events with food, we have allocated for tables used by catering.  Please remember, as additional tables and chairs are needed for a set-up (ex. display tables around the room in a banquet set-up) that may impact the capacity of that space.  

How far in advance can I book space in the University Center?

The reservation system for on-campus entities allows for the reservation of space up to 450 days in advance.  Non-UTC entities can book conferences in the University Center up to one year in advance.  For evening meetings non-UTC entities can book 3 months in advance.

Can an off-campus organization or individual reserve space in the University Center?

Off-campus organizations and individuals can reserve space in the UC depending on space availability and compliance with all other policies.  The request must be made a minimum of 30 days in advance.  Rental fees will be charged for use of the space, and other charges may be assessed.

Is alcohol allowed at events in the University Center?

Because no alcohol is allowed on the UTC Campus, alcohol is not permitted in the University Center.

How many people will your tables seat?

We have 3 sizes of tables in the UC. Our rectangle tables are 6’ long x 30” wide, and can seat 6 people per table (3 per side). We have 2 sizes of round tables: 54” diameter and 6’ diameter. The 54” diameter round tables can seat 6 people per table. The 6’ diameter tables can seat 8 people per table.

What if I want my event to go beyond your scheduled building hours?

During the fall and spring semesters we do not allow groups to have events go past our regular building hours Sunday-Thursday nights.  On Friday and Saturday nights groups can request space beyond the scheduled building hours for events.  Depending on how late the group would like their event to go, the UC may require the sponsoring group to have security present for the event.  For specific questions regarding your event, please contact the UC Office.

Do I have to use UTC Dining for food at my event?

You must use UTC Dining for your catering needs in the UC.  They are the sole source for catering on campus.  They can be contacted during regular business hours at (423) 425-4200.

How do I get A/V equipment set-up for my event?

Please contact the UC Office at (423) 425-4455 to request at least one week in advance for any A/V needs for your event.

Can I add extra tables and chairs to a meeting room to accommodate more people?

Because of fire code and set-up constraints we cannot add additional tables or chairs to any of our meeting rooms.

Which rooms have A/V equipment already in the room?

You can find a complete list of room details on our Rooms At A Glance sheet.

Can I reserve the Game Room?

Registered student organizations and departments can reserve the Game Room for events.  However, if the event is scheduled during a time that the Game Room is normally open the group or department does not have exclusive use of the space or game equipment.  Non-UTC entities cannot reserve the Game Room for events during regular business hours or when it is normally open for game play.  They can reserve the Game Room for exclusivie use when it is not normally open for game play.

What is the capacity of each room?

Room capacities, set-up types, and technical specs can be found here.

What is the process for having a request approved in the UC?

Once the UC receives your signed request form we will add your event to our reservation software with a status of “Pending”. Depending on the nature of your request, it may need to have secondary approval by other offices or committees on campus before its final approval. Once all secondary approvals have been received the UC will send you an approval confirmation via email. In this email it will give all of the details of your event (date, time, location) as well as any comments that needed to be brought to your attention.

How do I book the Multicultural Center or the Women’s Center?

The booking of the Multicultural Center and the Women’s Center are handled by those individual departments.  You can pick up reservation request forms from their Administrative Assistant.

Can I book a room for weekly meetings?

Registered student organizations and departments can book space in the UC for weekly meetings in most rooms.  We do not allow for weekly meetings in the Tennessee and Chattanooga Rooms, and weekly meetings are only allowed in the Auditorium on Sundays.

Is there anywhere in the UC to hang flyers?

There are several display rails for flyers located within the UC.  There is a bulletin board located on the second floor/main level across from the Information Desk.  There is a display fence located in the UC lobby located in the Baldwin/Vine lobby.  Flyers are limited to a maximum size of 11" x 17" displayed vertically, and only one flyer advertising your event should be displayed in each designated area.  Flyers are removed each Saturday.

Where should I park to attend an event in the UC?

While most visitors to campus park in the E. 5th Street Garage, we cannot guarantee that parking will be available at that location.  There are some metered spots along the University Center side of E. 5th Street, and parking is free along the cemetery side of E. 5th Street.  No one should park along any yellow curbs, and parking is prohibited in Lansing Court.  If you have more specific questions about parking, please contact UTC Parking Services at (423) 425-4501.

For how many days can I reserve a Lobby Table at one time?

Registered student organizations and departments can reserve a Lobby Tables for a maximum of five (5) consecutive days.

Can I reserve a room on the same day as my request?

In general, reservation requests for the same day can be approved.  However, certain events that require additional approval from various departments or committees may not be approved.  The University Center suggests not waiting until the day of your event to submit your request.

How much notice do I need to give the University Center before reserving a room?

While the University Center cannot reserve space for events more than two (2) semesters prior to the event, we suggest groups submit their reservation request as soon as they know the specifics (room needed, date, and time) of their event.

How do I work for the University Center?

The University Center employs student workers to staff the UC Office, the Game Room, and as set-up crew for events in the building.  If you are interested in working for the UC, please fill out our Employment Application and turn it in at the UC Office.

If I bring a speaker to campus, can they sell their book(s) at the event?

You must make arrangements through the UTC University Bookstore (423-425-4107) for any speaker that wants to sell their book(s).

How do I advertise my event on the Digital Message Boards in the UC?

Registered student organizations and university departments can submit event advertisements to be displayed on the UC Digital Message Boards.  Please read through our Digital Message Board Guidelines (LINK TO PDF) to find out the requirements for the advertisements.

Why do you ask for my target audience on the reservation form?

This question helps us determine whehter any fees should be charged for an event.  Events by UTC departments or registered student organizations where the target audience is "UTC Campus Community Members" (faculty, staff, students, and alumni) are typically not charged fees for their event.  Events by non-UTC entities or by UTC departments where the target audience is "Non-UTC Campus Community Members" are charged fees associated with using space and equipment in the UC. 

Why do you ask who my guests will include at my event?

Our primary purpose of asking what type of guests will be present at your event (UTC Campus Community, General Public, or Specific Invited Public Guests) helps us coordinate with other areas on campus if need.  For example, if an event is inviting the general public the UC will coordinate with Parking Services to make sure they are aware of increased traffic from your event.

Are there any ATMs in the UC?

There are a total of three (3) cash ATMs available in the University Center.  Two of the ATMs (BB&T and First Tennessee Bank) are located inside the UC next to then vending machines on the second floor.  These ATMs are only accessible when the UC is open.  Regions Bank has a through-the-wall ATM that is accessible 24 hours a day at the entrance near Heritage Plaza.

Who do I contact to reserve rooms that are not located in the UC?

Depending on what space you are looking to reserve there are a few offices you will need to contact.  If you want to reserve academic space for non-academic purposes you will need to contact Center for Professional Education.  For any space in the ARC or Maclellan Gym, you will need to contact Campus Recreation.  If you cannot figure out who to call about a space please contact the UC and we will try to provide that information for you.

Does the University Center have a Lost & Found?

Most Lost & Found items are brought to the UC Office (226), and held according to our Lost and Found Policy.  If we can determine who an item belongs to we will try to contact the individual.  Valuable items such as cell phones, computers, wallets/purses, etc. are turned over to UTC Police.

Can I decorate the room for my event?

All plans for decorations must be discussed with and approved in advance by University Center staff.  Materials may not be taped, tacked, or affixed to windows, doors, walls, or ceilings.  The use of glitter, confetti, and small cut-outs is prohibited.

Where can I park my bicycle at the University Center?

Bicycle racks are located outside several of the entrances to the UC.  We encourage everyone to properly secure your bicycle to the racks to prevent theft.  Bicycles are not permitted in the UC.

Can I bring my pet into the building?

The only animals allowed in the University Center are service animals that are displaying their appropriate service vest.  All other animals must remain outside.

Where can I paint a banner?

All banner painting should take place in the UC Game Room.  Butcher paper and banner paint are available there, and should not be removed from their designated area.  Once you are finished with your banner and it is dry, you should bring it up to the UC Office.

How does my group become a registered student organization?

Complete details on a group becoming a registered student organization can be found in the Dean of Students Office.

 Are there any days when the University Center will not open for events?

The University Center will host event almost every day of the year.  The days that the UC will absolutely not open for events can be found here.