Writing a good resume…

Your resume is the first step in impressing potential employers. Below are links to resume tips, descriptions of the different resume formats and sample resumes. We are happy to meet with you individually to help you improve your resume.  If you would like to schedule an appointment to discuss your resume, call UCS at 425-4184.

A good resume is essential to an effective job search. A good resume should be powerful yet concise, positively emphasizing your knowledge, skills and abilities relevant to the position you seek.

Grammar and spelling must be flawless, so proofread carefully for all spelling and typographical errors. Remember the computer spell check won't necessarily identify all mistakes. Review your resume and ask yourself, "If I were an employer, what would I think of this resume?" Let someone else review your resume for content and errors.

A factual and well-organized resume will command attention. Use concise emphatic language similar to an advertisement. Describe your functional skills in short snappy phrases starting with descriptive action verbs. (Action Verbs List Here)  Your resume should be no longer than it takes to positively and completely present your relevant qualifications for the position you seek. For most recent/expected graduates, a one-page resume is sufficient.

Your resume should be laser-printed on resume paper. Degrees and employment should be listed in reverse chronological order. In other words, list your most recent degree and jobs first and work backwards, as your most recent degree and most recent job(s) are usually the most relevant.

Your resume should reflect the knowledge and skills you can bring to a potential employer; show a proven record of experience and accomplishment; highlight pertinent information; have perfect grammatical construction with no spelling errors; and be visually appealing and easy to read. Your resume should not contain personal data, e.g., gender, date of birth, height, weight, marital status, etc.  

There is no "perfect" or "right" resume format. The format you choose will depend on the type of job you seek and/or your particular circumstances. For a description of the various format types and their sample resumes, click HERE.

How to Write a Resume

Tips on Resumes and Cover Letters