Do you need to write a resume or a curriculum vita?  

The following links will help you to determine whether you need to create a resume or a curriculum vitae (CV) for your job search.  Typically, curriculum vitae are written to detail your academic and professional accomplishments.  They are more comprehensive documents than resumes, and are most often used for those graduates who seek an academic or research position.  Resumes are the preferred credentials in business and industry.  Vitae, unlike resumes, can be many pages in length.  They not only contain information about you, your academic record and work experience, but also publications, presentations, and grants you may have received.  Vita requirements vary by academic field, and you should familiarize yourself with your field’s specific format before you write your CV.  I recommend that you search each of these links to prepare for your CV composition, and feel free to contact the Career Center at with any questions. 

Resume or Curriculum Vitae?  

CV resources for job seekers

CV guide I

CV Guide II

CV guide III