Create a Credential File

Career Credentials

Career credentials include the following: a resume, up to three student evaluation forms (references), and an optional transcript. The purpose of the credential file is to provide your information to prospective employers. If you participate in on-campus recruiting, the file is automatically copied and given to the recruiters for your interviews. Your file may also be sent to employers upon your request.


A computerized resume registration provides basic resume type information about the candidate. Registration will allow the candidate to both activate a file with the Career and Student Employment Center and to register in our candidate database. UTC students will be able to register for career assistance on the web using eRecruiting software. Completed registration will also allow the student to submit a resume to the Career Center. Submitted resumes will be available for employers to view online. For more information, please visit eRecruiting.

Evaluation Forms

Student Evaluation Forms should be given to faculty or current/former employers. Letters of recommendation may be submitted rather than evaluation forms. A student evaluation form may be completed online and printed, or printed and completed by typewriter or hand, and sent to the Career Center. The evaluation form is a PDF document which may require Adobe Acrobat Reader be installed on your computer.

To download Adobe Reader software, click the image below.
Adobe Reader download link


The inclusion of your transcript is an optional portion of the credential file. Some employers request transcripts, and others do not. If you want to include a transcript in your credential file, you may provide a copy to the Career Center, or request the Records Office to send it to the Career and Student Employment Center.