ThinkAchieve Faculty Fellows 2015-2016

Integrating Undergraduate Research into the Curriculum at UTC


The CUR (Council on Undergraduate Research) defines the enterprise of undergraduate research as “an inquiry or investigation conducted by an undergraduate student that makes an original intellectual or creative contribution to the discipline.” But what does undergraduate research look like at an institution such as ours? What are the issues that prevent such a program to flourish on our campus? How can we overcome the obstacles that hinder such a program to exist at UTC? In this cohort, we will focus our investigations on how to implement a robust undergraduate research program on our campus. In doing so, a number of essential conversations will have to center on implementing undergraduate research into discipline specific curriculum, and the ways in which faculty are rewarded, and acknowledged, for their efforts in working alongside our students. This means thinking through issues such as faculty workload and rewards, the place of undergraduate research in the tenure and promotion process, and the EDO in particular. These conversations are vital if we are to successfully inculcate, and sustain, a culture of research and excellence on this campus.

Members of this Faculty Fellows cohort will meet 2-3 times per semester and will make a group campus presentation about their findings in May 2016.  Participants will be paid $500 for their work in the cohort. 

Congratulations to the 2015-2016 Faculty Fellows:  Amy Doolittle, John Lee, Craig Tanis, Katie Hargrave, Yukie Kajita, David Giles, Bryan Ennis, William Kuby, Drew Bailey, Morgan Cooley, Abdul Ofoli, John Barnes, David Levine, Gaye Jeffers, Michael Thompson, Shewanee Howard-Baptiste, James Arnett,  and Marcus Mauldin.