UTC Instructional Excellence Retreat
        Thursday, May 2nd, 2013

Teaching and Learning Seminars (concurrent sessions)

1:00 PM - 4:45 PM

Lookout  Mountain Room (session A) and Raccoon Mountain Room (session B)

No registration  required. 


Session A:  Making a 'hard' class fun,    without 'dumbing' it down – Charlene Simmons
Session B:  Lessons learned from teaching an online course panel discussion - Gary Liguori, Tiffany Mitchell, Jennifer Ellis, and Joanie Jackson.                      
Session A:  Team-based learning panel discussion – Helen Eigenberg, Elizabeth Gailey
Session B:  ThinkAchieve Grant Presentations:
Kim Wingate/Caryl Taylor – Enhancing critical thinking through an Early Childhood Special Education field experience                            
Amye Warren - Improving critical thinking skills in graduate teaching assistants and their students              
Session A:   Absenteeism    in undergraduate education – Lisa Burke
Session B:   Quantitative reasoning across the curriculum - Betsy Darken
Session A:   Flipping    your classes: What Otzi the Iceman can do for you – Lyn Miles, Will Stern, Shela Van Ness
Session B:   Community-based learning on the urban campus  - Jennifer Boyd


For more information about the Instructional Excellence Retreat, email Dawn Ford.  If you require accommodations for this event, please contact the Walker Center for Teaching and Learning at 425-4188 prior to the event.  You can also contact the Office for Students with Disabilities at 425-4006 (V/TTY) or osd@utc.edu.