Instructional Excellence Retreat 2014

"A Celebration of Teaching at UTC"

Presentation Links


Experiential Learning at UTCBengt Carlson, Rebecca Jones, April Ebbinger, Robert Ricks, Amanda Ward (Creative Discovery Museum)

Physical Activity Epidemiology Field Research and Service Learning Project, Greg Heath

Challenge Course Construction and Training (ppt; video), Andrew Bailey 

Sending Students out of the Classroom and into the Profession, Jamie Harvey/Gene Ezell

ENGR 3280L and NI Academy Control Lab Project, Bryan Ennis/Abdul Ofoli

Welcome to the Challenger STEM Learning Center - Perry Storey, Director, Challenger STEM Learning Center

Team-Based Learning at UTC Tammy Garland, Charlene Simmons, Karen McGuffee, Seth Waldecker

     Quinn handout (Simmons)

Open Source Child Development Text and Wiki, D.R. Meece

From Hand Calculation to IT-Based Estimating – Learning through Projects, Endong Wang/Skip Smith 

Problem-Based Learning, Faculty Fellows cohort led by Cheryl Robinson

     Cheryl Robinson (video)

     Claire McCullough (ppt, video)

     Madonna Kemp (video)

     David Witt (ppt, video)

     Kelli Hand (ppt)

What Students Can Learn From an Activist/Scholar, Talia Welsh 

Using the Research Cycle in Teaching, Faculty Fellows cohort led by Priscilla Seaman


     Carrie Meadows

     Will Stern

Curriculum Mapping – Why bother?  We will tell you why!; Karen Adsit/Jennifer Ellis/Dawn Ford

Using a Learning Management System to Help Instruction and Learning, David Rausch