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ThinkAchieve: Connecting the Classroom and the  Community

    Grants Program

The ThinkAchieve Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) was developed to close the documented gaps between student and faculty perceptions of higher-level thinking  skills in the classroom. To work toward this goal, small grants are  available to fund the design, implementation, and assessment of active learning  experiences in the classroom and beyond the classroom to promote the meaningful  transformation of courses. Preference will be given to those projects with demonstrated sustainability beyond initial funding. 


Projects must be aligned with at least three of the five ThinkAchieve student learning outcomes:

  • Identify, evaluate, and interpret information by raising pertinent questions and identifying uncertainties
  • Solve problems by determining limitations, making connections, and prioritizing the potential solutions
  • Create innovative solutions to problems through creative thinking
  • Communicate ideas and information effectively
  • Seek ongoing improvement to integrate knowledge and skill through reflection on their thinking and learning processes. 

Key Points about the Program

  • Grants are available to all UTC faculty and staff  (part-time and full-time).  Students are not eligible to apply.
  • Grant applications are considered monthly.  Please submit by the 15th of the month.  
  • Projects must be connected to a course and should be completed by the end of the term for which the grant was awarded (fall, spring, or summer; or academic year, if a year-long project).
  • The standard limit is $2,000.  
  • Send completed applications by email to
  • To read about recent awards, click here

Grant Documents

1.  Grant Guidelines - it is very important to read the guidelines!!

2.  Grant Application Form - You must use the application form. Please do not state "see attachment" and include information about your proposal in an attachment (other than a course syllabus) 

3.  Progress Report Form

4.  Final Report Form

Questions and Accommodations

Need help with critical reflection? 


If you have questions about the program or require accommodations in applying for the grant, please contact Dawn Ford, Executive Director of the Walker Center for Teaching and Learning, at 425-4204 or