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Grants Awarded

Grants Awards February 2016-March 2016

  • Dr. Rebecca Atkins and Dr. Lee Harris of the Music Department were awarded $2,200 to support student participation in the NAfME/TnMEA Conference (Music Education Conference).
  • Professor Gaye Jeffers, in her work with the Honors College, was funded $471.53 for her project, "Collaborative Creation: Theatre Offstage Final Project."

Grants Awarded October 2015-January 2016

  • Dr. Kathy Purnell and Dr. Cathy Scott of Social Work were funded $445.25 to support their project, “World Café: Building Cultural Awareness through Meaningful Conversation.”
  • Dr. Heather Palmer of English was awarded a grant of $1,549.60 for her project “Feeling/Animal Special Topics Course.”
  • Professor Stephanie Henderson of Theater and Speech received $900 for “Costume Design and Collaboration.”
  • Dr. Shewanee Howard-Baptiste and Dr. Elgin Andrews of Health and Human Performance were awarded $1798.75 for “LET’S MOVE: Learning Activities and Enabling Teens to See that Movement is an Opportunity to Value Exercise.”
  • Professor Katie Hargrave of the Art Department was funded $1,919.20 to support “Audio Postcard.”

Grants Awarded in September, 2015

  • Cecelia Wigal and Louis Elliott of Civil, Chemical, and General Engineering were awarded $1,800 to support experiential learning projects in "Introduction to Engineering Design ENGR 1850 0,1."
  • Aggie Toppins, Matt Greenwell, and Jordan Amirkhani were funded $1,176 for their project "Experiential learning and collaborative curating with Bob Cicero from Globe Poster." 

Grants Awarded in August 2015

  • Andrew Bailey and Eric Hungenberg of Health and Human Performance were funded $2,035.44 for their project, "Climbing Economic Impact Research."
  • Amy Doolittle of Social Work was awarded $112.00 to support "The Bessie Field Trip Experience."
  • Jonathan McNair of the Music Department was funded $2,000 for "Composer Daniel Asia in Residence."
  • David Welch and Josh Hamblen of Chemistry and Physics were awarded $2,000 to support their project, "Cosmic Ray Detection with Embedded Computing Device."

Grants Awarded January-February 2015

  • Andrew Bailey of Health and Human Performance was awarded $2,059 to support "Red Bank Watershed Day."
  • Amy Doolittle of Social Work has been awarded a grant of $2,125.62 to help fund student travel to present at the National Council on Undergraduate Research (NCUR).
  • Clint Schmitt of the Music Department was funded $1,400 to support "The Washington Saxophone Quartet Residency."

Grants Awarded November-December 2014

  • Kathryn Hargrave and Matt Greenwell of Art was granted $2,051.10 to support her projected, "Social Sculpture/Social Portraiture."
  • Andrew O'Brien of Art was awarded $1,869.46 to fund "Peer Led Instruction - Studio Lighting for Portfolio Development." 
  • Rebecca St. Goar of Music received a grant of $1,600.00 for "Student Support for National Association of Teachers of Singing (NATS) Regional Auditions."

Grants Awarded September, 2014

  • James Arnett of English was awarded $2,000 to support his project, "The Transnational African Novel: Towards a Praxis."  
  • Dana Moody, Jessica Etheredge, and Catherine Kendall have received a grant of $2,000 to fund "Go-Pro Technology for Interior Design: Solutions for Chattanooga's Historic Buildings."

Grants Awarded August, 2014

  • Amanda Clark and Amye Warren of Psychology were granted $2,930 to support “Enhancing Critical Thinking in Upper-Year Psychology Students.”
  • April Ebbinger and JoAnn Cook of the School of Education were awarded $2,970 to study “Experiential Learning and its Effects on Critical thinking for Pre-Service Teachers.”
  • Jeannie Hacker-Cerulean of Theatre was awarded $1,800 to fund “Cloud Atlas: Reader’s Theatre Technology Up-Grade.”
  • Jenny Holcombe of Nursing was granted $3,866 to support her project, “Cross Sectional Study of Critical Thinking in Undergraduate Nursing Students.”
  • Justin Pohl of the Dean of Students office and Cassie Nice of the Women’s Center were awarded $1,500 to help fund “Alternative Fall Break: A Civic Engagement Experience in Selma, Alabama.”
  • Lauren Ruth of the Art Department received a grant of $2,100 to help support “Experiential Learning and Collaborative Curating at Elsewhere Museum.”

Grants Awarded February and March, 2014

  • Ann Holmes of Physics, Geology, and Astronomy and Dawn M. Ford of Biology, Geology and Environmental Sciences were awarded a grant of $1,211.30 to support their project, "Study Abroad for Tropical Island Ecology and Geology:  Development of Critical Thinking Skills."
  • Cassandra Nice of the Center for Women and Gender Equity and Sheena Monds of English received a grant of $700 to help support the "Women's Leadership Academy."
  • Christina Vogel of the Art Department was funded $1,078 to fund her project "Experiential Learning: A Student-Driven Group Drawing Exhibition at AVA.  

Grants Awarded November and December 2013;  January 2014

  • Andrew Bailey of Health and Human Performance received a grant of $1,500 to fund his project “Challenge Course Construction and Training.”
  • April Ebbinger of Education and Robin Pearlstein of Nursing received a grant of $1,500 to fund their collaborative project “Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians Internship.”
  • Trevor Elliott, Ed McMahon, and Jan Evans of the College of Engineering were funded $1,500 to help support "Integration of 3D Prototyping into Core Engineering Curriculum."
  • Greg Heath of Health and Human Performance/Research and Engagement was awarded $1,500 for a course-based project called “Physical Activity Epidemiology Field Research and Service Learning Project.”
  • Rebecca Jones of English received a grant of $1,500 to fund her project "Travel Funding for Public Argument Class."
  • Justin Pohl of Student Affairs was funded $1,500 to support “Alternative Winter Break.”
  • Heather Small of the Music Department was funded $656 for her project, “Flute Spa with Patricia George.”
  • Talia Welsh of Philosophy and Religion was awarded $1,032 to support her project, "Teaching and Learning Philosophy in Prison."

Grants Awarded September, 2013

  • Jonathan McNair & Ron Buffington (Music and Art Departments) - $1,500.00 Beyond the Classroom grant, “Read Between the Lines, Think Outside them: Thollem McDonas in Residency.”
  • John Swanson & Lisa Darger (History Department and Facilities Planning & Management)  - $1,500 Beyond the Classroom grant, “Engel Stadium Oral History Project.”
  • Roger Thompson & Vic Bumphus (Criminal Justice Department) - $750 Beyond the Classroom grant, “The Tarnished Badge.”
  • Augusta Toppins (Art Department) - $1,000.00 Beyond the Classroom grant, “Co-Creation:  A Collaborate Design Project to Promote Bicycling in Chattanooga.”

Grants Awarded August, 2013

  • Jennifer Boyd (Biology, Geology and Environmental Sciences) - $1,470.00 Beyond the Classroom grant, “Experiential Student Research to Support the Federal Protection of a Rare and Locally Endemic Orchid Species.”
  • Bryan Ennis & Abdul Ofoli (Civil and Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering) - $1,500.00 Beyond the Classroom grant, “ENGR 3280L and NI Academy Control Lab Project.”
  • Nicole Tekulve & Jaime Myers (Library) - $692.05 In the Classroom grant, “The Game of Research.”   

Grants Awarded February, March, and April, 2013

  • Carrie Meadows (English) - $800 Beyond the Classroom grant, "Community Grant Proposal Project:  Focus on Diversity at UTC."  See more about her project here.
  • Ralph Covino and Dylan Bloy (History) - $500 In  the Classroom grant, "Classical Archaeology."
  • Jeannie Hacker-Cerulean (Theatre) - $1000 In the Classroom grant, "Advocacy Project for UTC Campus Organization."

Grants Awarded January 2013

  • Andrew  Bailey and Gary Liguori (Health and Human Performance) -  $1,495 Beyond  the Classroom grant, “Outdoor Leadership Training.”
  • Debbie  Bell (UHON) - $1,500 Beyond the Classroom grant, “Development of Civic Engagement Program for Honors Freshmen.”
  • Madonna  Kemp (English) - $1,370 Beyond the Classroom grant, “Mad Vocab Art.”

Grants Awarded November and December 2012

  •  Kevin  Ford (Music) - $1,500 Beyond the Classroom grant to support the UTC  Chamber Singers study tour of Prague, Vienna, Eisenstadt, and Budapest.
  • Jenny  Holcombe (Nursing) - $1,000 In the Classroom grant to support using a  journal club-type approach to classroom instruction for undergraduate nursing  students.
  • Grants Awarded October 2012
  • Tricia Thomas & Lisa R. Darger (Chemical Engineering and Facilities Planning/Management) - $970 In the Classroom grant to fund active learning projects in ENCH 3350 and ENGR 2220 in partnership with Facilities Planning and Management. 

Grants Awarded September 2012

  • Carrie Meadows (English)  - $1,300 Beyond the Classroom grant for a community grant  proposal project to be integrated into English 2880, Professional  Writing. 
  • Kim Wingate & Caryl Taylor (School of Education) - $1,376 Beyond the Classroom grant for a project to enhance  critical thinking through an Early Childhood Special Education field  experience. 
  • Sarah Boykin & Jessica Etheredge (Interior  Design) - $978 In the Classroom  grant to  develop video presentation for Interior Design projects.
  • Roger Thompson  (Criminal  Justice) - $1,500 Beyond the  Classroom grant to bring in a  speaker on immigration policy reform for Senior Seminar students and the campus  community.

 Grants Awarded June - August 2012

  • Stefanie deOlloqui & Steve Underwood (Health and  Human Performance) - $1,500 Beyond the Classroom grant to fund interns  for the promotion of a bicycle transit system
  • Bradley Reynolds & Thomas Wilson (Biological and  Environmental Sciences) - $1,422 Beyond the Classroom grant for a  project to build a conservation ethic in non-science majors through hands-on  herpetology.
  • Sarah Sloan & Stefanie deOlloqui (Health and Human  Performance) - $1500 Beyond the Classroom grant to develop a partnership  between HHP and the Partnership for Families, Children, and Adults.  To view the grant presentation, click here.
  • Catherine Smith & Rebecca Littleton (Physical Therapy)  - $1,496.00 Beyond the Classroom grant to support UTC students to be  involved in an outdoor camping experience for children with disabilities. 
  • Victoria Steinberg (Modern and Classical Languages  and Literatures) - $666 Beyond the Classroom grant to support UTC  students to teach French language and culture at Rivermont Elementary School.
  • Amye Warren (Psychology)- $916 In the  Classroom grant to support a project to improve critical thinking skills in  graduate teaching assistants and their students. 

 Grants Awarded May 2012

  • Leroy Fanning &  Philip Pugliese (Health and Human Performance) - $1,000 In the Classroom grant for development  of a new special topic course, Active Living and Transportation, with an  emphasis on interactive teaching methods.
  • Leroy Fanning & Stefanie  deOlloqui (Health and Human Performance) - $1,500 Beyond the Classroom grant for the development of a replicable  model to strengthen the relationship between community-based health-related  organizations like the YMCA and academic preparation programs. 
  • Rebecca Jones (English) - $657 Beyond the Classroom grant  to provide experiential activities for students taking the travel/nature  writing course.
  • Darrell Meece (Education)  - $1,000 In the Classroom grant to  develop and implement an open-source child development text using student input  through a wiki.