Experiential Learning Faculty Fellows
Building Experience into Learning across UTC 
March 2018-October 2018

Participants: Amanda Clark (PSY), Bradley Harris (ENCH), Priscilla Simms-Robertson (NURS), Robin Pearlstein (NURS)

The National Society of Experiential Education uses eight principles of good practice for Experiential Learning: Intention, Preparation, Authenticity, Reflection, Orientation, Monitoring, Assessment and Acknowledgment. We currently have over 100 designated experiential learning opportunities available to our students at UTC, and this number continues to grow. But what does experiential learning look like at UTC as a whole? How can we overcome the obstacles that hinder more robust connection of theory to practice through the above principles in our disciplines? In this cohort, each member will study and review currently designated classes, develop their own experiential learning class, apply for the experiential learning course designation for Spring 2019 (Oct. 1 deadline), and share the experience of applying with other faculty.

Members of the cohort will meet a total of five times, two in Spring of 2018 and three times in the Fall of 2018, and complete the following:

  • Individually and collectively attempt to answer the questions above through becoming familiar with currently designated classes and best practices. 
  • Apply for experiential learning course designation for one of their Spring 2018 classes (October 1, 2018 deadline).
  • Share their process and information about experiential learning and course designations with their College and Department through meetings or presentations prior to the 10/1/18 Experiential Learning designation deadline for Spring 2018 Classes. 

Participants completing the cohort activities will be paid $250 upon completion of deliverables outlined in the agreement.

Bengt Carlson coordinates this Faculty Fellows cohort. Please submit Applications to bengt-carlson@utc.edu