The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
SACS Quality Enhancement Plan Advisory Board


The SACS Quality Enhancement Plan Advisory Board (the Board) is an independent group providing support and assistance to the Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) Program at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. The mission of the board is to advise the QEP Program regarding its progress, to develop, plan, and facilitate specific targeted activities that advance QEP goals, and to participate in QEP activities.


The Board shall have a Chair who will serve a two year term. The Chair shall be elected during the last meeting of the spring semester and take office at the conclusion of that meeting. Secretarial support for minutes and related record-keeping and meeting coordination will be provided by the QEP Program.

To accomplish the purpose and mission of the Board, the Board will operate through a standing committee, and when appropriate, ad-hoc committees may be appointed by the Board Chair. Ad-hoc committee chairs will be appointed by the Board Chair and will serve for a term of one year.

The Chair will be responsible for developing the agenda for each Board meeting.


Advisory Board Membership Process

Membership on the Board begins with a nomination by an existing Board member. The Chair will decide whether or not to extend an invitation for membership. Board membership will be held at 20 members and each member will be asked to serve a three year term.

Permanent members of the Board include the Dean of Lifelong Learning and QEP personnel. Permanent members cannot be Chair of the Board.

Members of the Board will:

  1. Embrace the mission and goals of the QEP.
  2. Be committed to working together in a collegial manner.
  3. Be willing to allocate the necessary time to participate in meetings, special events, and Board projects.
  4. Attend Board meetings and be an active participant.
  5. Serve a three year term.


The Board will meet twice a year (once per semester) and ad-hoc committees will meet as needed.