ThinkAchieve Designated Experiences count for 10 points, and one experience (maximum per semester) can count for 10 of the 20 points for the ThinkAchieve Semester Award.  All Experience Points count toward the ThinkAchieve Graduate Recognition.

For Faculty and Staff: The deadline for Fall 2018 Designation Applications is February 20, 2018 

 Application for Faculty and Staff 


Mentor children to achieve their dreams and become leaders. (repeatable)

The Gentlemen's Institute

The Gentlemen's Institute
A program designed to help men identify and apply their values to decision making, to aid men in networking, as well as define and understand what it means to be a leader today.

Business, LLC 

Business Living and Learning Community     

BUSINESS, LLC Community offers first-year business students an exciting opportunity to live, learn, lead and serve as they prepare to become future business and community leaders. Using a network of community members, peer mentors, instructors and residence hall staff, students will make lasting connections and create a strong foundation for success at UTC and in life beyond college. The Business LLC fosters team work and creates a professional network, building connections in and out of the classroom to prepare “business world ready” students.

Orienation Leaders

Orienation Leaders  act as a resource for incoming students and their parents during each of our Orientation programs by providing accurate information about academics, services, and opportunities at the University. Their role is vital to the success of Chattanooga's Orientation programs. 


Story Creators
Get hands-on experience teaching creative writing and art to elementary students! Contact for more information.


LeaderShape Institute
An interactive, energizing, and unique experience that builds leadership skills offered during the summer. Worth 20 points.

Women's Leadership Academy

Women's Leadership Academy
An annual training program on principles of feminist leadership.

Elect Her

Elect Her
Encourages and trains college women to run for student government at UTC.

Play, Believe, Achieve

Play! Believe! Achieve! National Girls & Women in Sports Day
A program that partners with community groups to bring girls to our campus to pair with UTC students and learn about sports, fitness, nutrition, and self-esteem.

Step Up!

A bystander intervention training designed to educate participants about being proactive in situations where we can help and cultivate a community of care.


An in-depth weekend retreat devoted to leadership development through learning and application of values within individuals and organizations at UTC.


MOC Lead is UTC's newest leadership program and is a semester long cohort program to help individuals develop their leadership skills. Semester 1, is focusing on the individual leader and Semester 2 focuses on the individual leader in a student organization leadership role. 

These interactive workshops led by faculty, staff and community leaders will focus on developing your core leadership vision, understanding your personal values and what motivates you to lead, better understanding your personality and communication styles, and honing your public speaking and time management skills. All these workshops together will prepare you for the next step as a leader in your organization and future professional. 

Group of Our Story students

Multicultural Mentors and Mentees Program

The Multicultural Center has helped facilitate this very successful pairing of Mentors and Mentees for over 4 years.  This is a great opportunity to connect to the Campus, Community and your fellow MOCS. 


MOSAIC Mentors are trained peer mentors for students in UTC's MOSAIC Program. Mentors are students who display leadership and social  understanding on the college campus and have an interest in ASD. The purpose of this relationship is to foster  on-campus engagement and provide the student with peer support as they navigate social situations. As students progress,  they are paired with a professional mentor who works in helping them make connections and develop professional ski


Undergraduate Research Conference Presentations

The Office of Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity serves the entire campus community by communicating and facilitating opportunities for undergraduate research and creative activity, as well as highlighting what students and faculty are doing both inside and out of the classroom or laboratory. Please contact write to for more information about how to be involved.

Are U Ready Button

Professional U is a career exploration and development series designed to grow UTC students professionally. This program covers all areas of professional growth, including cover letter, resume, and vitae design; your networking skills; interview techniques; successful career event participation; and other aspects of professional image. For more information, please contact the Carree and Student Employment Center with your MOCS ID to enroll.  425-4184


High Achieving MOCS Living and Learning Community


The HAM LLC brings an energetic group of high achieving freshmen together to live in community and share some of the most unique academic experiences offered to new UTC students.HAMmers take two interdisciplinary, team-taught general education courses, each capped at 20 students, as well as a 1-credit course in which they explore their aptitude and develop ability to grow as leaders, collaborators, and creative problem solvers. The HAM Council, elected by the students, works together to craft a schedule of additional social and service programs. Incoming freshmen with at least a 26 ACT and 3.5 GPA are encouraged to apply for this “honorific” living learning community.


The Nest(Nurturing Effective and Successful Teachers), LLC

The NEST provides first-time, freshmen education majors or minors the opportunity to integrate their academic and social lives through common living spaces, class schedules, and outstide activities during their freshman year at UTC.  Members of The NEST work with an after-school program to increase their knowledge and skills necessary to succeed as a reflective practictioner and future educator.  They will also engage in meaningful community events and activities to build relationships with education stakeholders and community leaders. Contact: Vikki Bernotski,, 423-425-4212

UTC Housing Resident Assistant

The Resident Assistant position is one of the most rewarding experiences you can have on campus. This position provides an opportunity to meet new people, make a difference in the lives of others, and teach you skills for your future. As an RA, you will have an opportunity to graduate with a unique skill set and memories that will last a lifetime!

College of Engineering and Computer Science Living and Learning Community(LLC)

The CECS, LLC will provide first-year students with a major in Engineering or Computer Science a unique opportunity to live and learn together.  Common courses will be taken during the fall and spring semester. In addition, there will be ongoing programming and events related to the course of study. Contact: Dr. Neslihan Alp,, 423-425-2256