Visit office 431 or 433 of the Library by Thursday, January 25, 2018 and sign up for weekly emails of ThinkAchieve Events. Signing up should take 10-15 minutes, and you get a free, nifty THINK T-Shirt!

NOTE-weekly list is only sent to students who sign up EACH semester 

How do ThinkAcheive Events work?


    1. We put together a list of the best events on campus and in the community every week. All ThinkAchieve events are free!
    2. Sign up in LIbrary Office 431 (Bengt) or 433 (Christian and Jason) by Thursday, January 25, 2018 at 12pm to receive this list each Monday. Email or call  425-5825 or 425-4118 if you want to make sure we're here when you come. 
    3. Attend events. These come in a weekly email to folks who sign up, and also are updated by each Monday at ThinkAchieve's Mocsync. Any UTC Student can view the events on Mocsync. 
    4. Pick up and complete a ThinkAcheive Reflection Card at each event. Each event description in the weekly email has instructions on how to make sure you get a card. 

Why would I do this?

    • 10 events earns 20 ThinkAchieve points and the Beyond the Classroom Semester Award, including:
      • A handsome pictorial award signed by UTC's Chancellor, Steve Angle
      • A celebratory dinner with your fellow award winners 
      • Priority registration during registration period of the following semester
    • If you complete any designated ThinkAchieve Experiences, you already get 10 of the 20 points added to your semester total, meaning you only need to reflect on 5 events. 
    • All points accumulated can be used toward being recognized as a ThinkAchieve Graduate
    • Read what students say about their participation.


Below are the Experiential Learning Staff.  Unless otherwise noted, you will see their names on the event descriptions. Find them before and after the event to receive and turn in your ThinkAchieve Reflection Card. 

                carolinecameron        Bengt Carlson       Spencer Fitzgerald

              Caroline Cameron      Bengt Carlson    Spencer Fitzgerald

                              christianstone     jasonweber
                                 Christian Stone             Jason Weber

Fall 2017 End of Semester Reflective Survey