The ThinkAchieve Challenge

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How does the ThinkAchieve Challenge work?

    1. Sign up at Orientation or in Library Office 431 or 433 to receive a weekly list of the best events on campus and in the community. Email or call  425-5825 or 425-4118 to make sure we're here when you come. 
    2. Complete the ThinkAchieve Challenge by April 23, 2019 (Reading Day) in one of two ways:
      • Fully Participate and Reflect on 10 Events
      • Complete any designated ThinkAchieve Experience then fully participate and reflect on 5 events. 
    3. Complete a Post-Challenge Reflective Survey and turn in a photo by the last day of exams-April 30, 2019. 

Why take the ThinkAchieve Challenge?

    1. Each event will help students get to know UTC and Chattanooga and figure out where to get more involved.
    2. All ThinkAchieve events are free!
    3. Complete the Challenge and receive the ThinkAchieve Challenge Award, which includes:
      • A pictorial award signed by UTC's Chancellor, Steve Angle
      • A celebratory dinner with your fellow award winners 
      • Priority registration during registration period of the following semester
    4. All points accumulate toward being recognized as a ThinkAchieve Graduate
    5. Read what students say about their participation.

      Note: to cut down on unnecessary email, only students signing up each semester will receive the weekly list.

Our Experiential Learning Staff:


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Bengt Carlson              Jeff Martin                  Lisette Perez