Community Engagement Agreement Proposals

Students can propose a project as a point-earning opportunity. Examples of this could include serving a campus organization, off-campus service or other experiences that includes critical thinking and reflection. A Beyond the Classroom Community Engagement Agreement must be completed before the experience begins. Only two Beyond the Classroom Community Engagement agreements can be completed.


  1. Fill out the community engagement form below.
  2. Be involved in an experience.
  3. Fill out a reflection form. Make sure to include the section on who can verify your involvement.


    • Continual involvement and reflection in a hands-on project or study develops comprehension.
    • Serving and learning as a student builds lasting community connections.
    • You can earn up to 20 points for each project you propose and reflect upon. Forty points is the maximum number of points you can earn with this method.

"Life can only be understood backward, but it must be lived forward." - Søren Kierkegaard 


Beyond the Classroom Community Engagement Agreement
Please contact the Experiential Learning Coordinator, Bengt Carlson, with any questions.
Note: Fields that are not completely filled out will prevent you from successfully submitting the form. Incomplete forms will be returned for completion.
Responsibilities under this agreement
Work the minimum of hours required to receive BTC credit for the experience (engagement learning requirement is 45 hours over one or two semesters).
Act in a professional manner, maintain confidentialities, be open to constructive criticism through the experience, and comply with the rules, policies, and regulations of the employer or campus entity.
Complete a 1 page reflective paper on the 3 learning goals stated in this form at the midpoint AND the endpoint of experience.
In thinking about who to choose as a Supervisor/Work Coordinator, note that they will read your three learning goals and need to be able to evaluate you and your demonstration of learning in these areas.
Please note that both you and your supervisor will be receiving an email through the addresses you enter. This is your opportunity to communicate with your supervisor about your learning goals and the agreement. The supervisor will then forward the agreed upon and completed form to the Experiential Learning Coordinator.
Learning Goals
The supervisor agrees to:
Provide the student and the Experiential Learning Coordinator with a complete, accurate description of the duties and responsibilities associated with the engagement activity prior to beginning the activity.
Supply an evaluation of the student's performances at the end of the student's activity and relationship to stated learning goals (above).
Inform the Experiential Learning Coordinator of the student's failure to make him/herself available to offered experiences or failure to respect the policies of the expected activity.
The Experiential Learning Coordinator agrees to:
Maintain communication with the student and the external organization to assure maximum learning on the part of the student and satisfaction on the part of the organizations.
Assist student and supervisor in resolving problems or difficulties which may arise
Help students and faculty in writing agreements which specify measurable Learning Objectives as needed.
Evaluate the student's placement and assess the organization's satisfaction with the learning experience.