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Assessment of Student Critical Thinking


Achievement of the  ThinkAchieve goal and objectives is assessed primarily through the annual  administration of the Critical Thinking Assessment test (CAT) developed by  Tennessee Tech University (TTU). TTU's website defines the CAT as "a  unique tool designed to assess and promote the improvement of critical thinking  and real-world problem solving skills" (TTU, n.d.). The role of the CAT is  to assist faculty in assessing students' critical thinking skills early in  their career at UTC. Graduating seniors also take the CAT, and this provides data to evaluate the overall  institutional progress. For more information about the CAT, click here.


In addition to the CAT, there  are a number of assessments used to evaluate  to what degree UTC students are achieving the student learning outcomes,  including the following:


We are now in Year Two of the ThinkAchieve program. Baseline data  collected in Year One reveal some interesting findings about our students’  critical thinking at UTC. See below for links to the full Year One report as  well as a summary of major findings, data notes, and data tables.

ThinkAchieve Year One Assessment Results

                            Year One  Assessment Report (2011-2012)

                            YR1 Data Summary

                            YR1 Data Notes

                            YR 1 Data Tables

ThinkAchieve Year Two Assessment Results
ThinkAchieve Year Three Assessment Results

                           YR 3 Annual Report

                           YR 4 Annual Report



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