ThinkAchieve: Connecting the Classroom and the Community

ThinkAchieve Advisory Board


Kathi Wheatley (Chair), Management, 

Karen Adsit, Academic Affairs

Dee Dee Anderson, Student Development

Vic Bumphus, Criminal Justice

Virginia Cairns, Library

Bengt Carlson, Walker Center for Teaching and Learning

Susan Davidson, School of Nursing (Faculty Senate President)

Dawn M. Ford, Walker Center for Teaching and Learning

Matthew Guy, English

Andrew Horton, Athletics Administration

Linda Johnston, School of Education

Victoria Steinberg, Foreign Language and Literatures

Cindy Taylor, Institutional Research

Cecelia Wigal, Industrial Engineering



ThinkAchieve Task Forces

Dee Dee Anderson, Student Development

Jose Barbosa, Biology, Geology and Environmental Sciences

Frank Butler, Management

Virginia Cairns, Library

Ethan Carver, Biology, Geology and Environmental Sciences 

Amy Doolittle, Social Work

Rebecca Jones, English

Peggy Kovach, Biology, Geology and Environmental Sciences 

Gary McDonald, Engineering

Elizabeth O'Brien, School of Education

Robin Pearlstein, School of Nursing

Verbie Prevost, English

Erika Schafer, Music