Tartuffe by Molière, trans. by Christopher Hampton

UTC Theatre Co.'s second production of the 2018-19 year was Tartuffe by Jean Baptiste Molière, translated by Christopher Hampton.

The play focuses on one family’s entanglement with a charlatan houseguest, Tartuffe. Orgon's family desperately tries to shake some sense in him once he invites the hypocrite Tartuffe into their home. Everyone can see through Tartuffe's theatrical sanctimony, but can they get the head of the household to see through his crazy antics before they lose everything? One of theatre's most famous comedies is brought to life in a completely new light in this deeply southern gospel influenced production.

The creative team for Tartuffe included:

Blake Harris (director), Samantha Burns (set design), Chalise Ludlow (costume design) and Jeff Davis (lighting design and technical direction).


Evans Jarnefeldt, Alex Walker, Hailey White, Linsey Watkins, D’Andre Anderson, Meg Phinney, Jesse Wilyat, Autumn Hemmelgarn, Blaine Lindsay, Tate Runyon, Julia Walker, Maggie Weaver, Mark Elich