Love and Information by Caryl Churchill

UTC Theatre Co. stepped outside of the box in 2019 with Love and Information by Caryl Churchill February 12 through 16 at 901 Lindsay, the events venue at the corner of Lindsay Street and Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard. This kaleidoscopic play of short scenes addressed contemporary issues about knowledge, technology, and our capacity for love.

Director Gaye Jeffers said of this play, “Love and Information is a big container of ideas and emotions. A giant suitcase of over fifty short plays with over 100 characters played in our production by eleven actors.” Jeffers’ interpretation of the open-ended structure of the show lead her to emphasize inclusivity and diversity in staging the production. Each actor portrayed different characters, often outside the construct of gender or stereotypical relationship roles. This underlined the work’s universal themes of communication, human connection and the intersection thereof.

The creative team for Love and Information included:

Gaye Jeffers (director), Adam Miecielica (set design), Chalise Ludlow (costume design) and Jeff Davis (lighting design and technical direction).


Bailey Braden, Autumn Hemmelgarn, Grace Holtz, Madison Parker, MarQuez Pierce, Tate Runyon, Kimberly Rye, Alex Walker, Linsey Watkins, Mikki White, Jessie Wright