Elemeno Pea by Molly Smith Metzler

February 13 - 17, 2018

UTC's third production of the 2017-2018 season: Elemeno Pea by Molly Smith Metzler centers around Devon and Simone.

Simone works as a personal assistant to Michaela Kell, a trophy wife to a wealthy ad executive. When down-to-earth Devon arrives at Martha’s Vineyard for a sisters’ weekend, plans are cut short when Michaela shows up in hysterics with the threat of her marriage falling apart. Worlds collide in this comedy about class and family.

In the review written by Andy Crump of The Artery of Boston’s NPR Arts Station, he quotes Metzler, “Class has nothing to do with income. It has nothing to do with net worth. It’s kind of this imposed structure, and it’s a mask that we all put on and wear.” Metzler represents this imposed structure in Elemeno Pea to show how far we go to fit in. Along with her stage credits, Metzler also writes for film and television.

The creative team included:

Gaye Jeffers (director), Adam Miecielica (set design), Kimberly Davis (costume design), and John R. Burgess (lighting design and technical director).

The company of Elemeno Pea included:

Hannah Davis (Stage Manager), Madeline Franklin-Dean (Dramaturg and Assistant Director), Carmin Pebley (Simone), Leigh-Ana Sharkey (Devon), Zack Shreeve (Ethan), Linsey Watkins (Michaela), and Jesse Wilyat (Jos-B).