Hedda Gabler

Feb. 17-21, 2015

Hedda Gabler, one of theatre’s most elusive and complex protagonists, is an intelligent and ambitious newlywed, who attempts to follow the expected path of marriage and homemaking. As the reality of her life becomes apparent, Hedda seeks a life beyond what society expects from her.

"The heart of the play is found in Hedda’s line, ‘You find it so hard to accept that a young girl might . . . want – just a little peek in at a world which – which she is not permitted to know anything about at all. Nothing!’” says Director of Hedda Gabler Gaye Jeffers. “Through these words Ibsen gives us a glimpse into the mind of a young woman who is tired of being a passenger. Hedda longs to be in charge of her own journey, wishes to be courageous and choose her own destination,” Jeffers says.

Cast and Crew:

Cast: Austin Blackburn, Mario Hoyle, Sarah Powers, Courtney Tucker, Crissy Varnell, Madeleine Young, and Jake Zachry.
Stage Manager: Emily Greene
Assistant Stage Manager: Ellie Smoak
Scene Designer: Adam Miecielica
Assistant Scenic Designer: Garrett Henson
Costume Designer: Stephanie Henderson
Lighting Designer/ Technical Director: John R. Burgess
Sound Designer: Gregory F. Jackson
Photographer: Jaimie Davis