Arms and the Man by George Bernard Shaw

Tuesday, February 23 - Saturday, February 27, 2016

Arms and the Man, written by Nobel Laureate and Academy Award Winner George Bernard Shaw, treats the audience to a hilarious look at war, romance and upward mobility. First performed in 1894, this classic play is set in motion when a young woman invites an exhausted soldier to seek refuge in her bedroom, an act of rebellion and flirtation. Through this chance encounter between “enemies”, Shaw releases a satiric romp that invites the audience to take a new look at love, bravery, and conflict. Where is the real battlefield? In our hearts, in our minds, or in our wallets?

“Shaw’s play continues to entertain through his smartly constructed comedy,” says director Gaye Jeffers. “Each of the characters – the soldier who carries chocolates instead of bullets, the pompous officer who enjoys the color of his uniform more than what it stands for, the smart servant who fights to step up to the next social rung, and the beautiful young woman who enjoys making an entrance -- creates a wonderfully imaginative Bulgaria that resonates with us today,” states Jeffers.

Cast and Crew

UTC Theatre Company’s production of Arms and the Man featured:

• Cast: Octavius Lanier, Allison Offutt, Falcian Page, Nick Sterling, Courtney Tucker, Matthew Turner, Crissy Varnell, Jake Zachry
• Director: Gaye Jeffers
• Technical Direction: Adam Miecielica
• Scene Designer: Adam Miecielica
• Lighting Designer: Reid Austin
• Sound Designer: Terrance Harpley
• Costume Designer: Stephanie Henderson
• Stage Manager: Joseph Ellison