Young Frankenstein

Apr. 14-18, 2015

Transylvania Mania Hits the Stage at UTC!

It’s alive! The electrifying adaptation of Mel Brooks’ monstrously funny film will leave you in stitches. “In this show, as in the movie it’s based on, Mel Brooks creates the character of Frederick Frankenstein, whose entire ancestry has created monsters by trying to resurrect the dead,” says director Steve Ray. "So basically, it’s the story of one man who must come to terms with his legacy—plus jokes about private parts.” Mayhem, hijinks and old-fashioned production numbers follow.

“For UTC Theatre Company, this is a pretty large cast. Our student actors are really impressive in this. They are singing and dancing and making us laugh; their energy will be infectious.” Steve Ray says, “If you like parodies, horror movies, old-fashioned musicals, bawdy humor, and twisted science, you’ll love this production.”

Cast and Crew

Cast: Trevor Miles, Michael Haggarty, Jake Zachry, Ellie Smoak, Cierra Dolata, Cricket Glenn, Calvin Forrest, John Nichols, Trevor Denney, Will Park, Gabriel Bailey, Garrett Henson, Gregory Jackson, Paige Lykins, Allison Offutt, Jacob Madden, Justice Payne, Skylar Ramsey, Gretchen Sandahl, Taylor Smith, Emma Spratt, Courtney Tucker

Director: Steve Ray
Music Director: Tim Hinck
Choreographers: Lindsay Fussel and Jessica Laliberteo
Stage Managers: Anne Sharpe and Mason DeGroot
Scene Designer: Adam Miecielica
Costume Designer: Stephanie Henderson
Lighting Designer/ Technical Director: John R. Burgess
Sound Designer: Reid Austin
Photographer: Jaimie Davis