students work in costume shop, mannequin heads wearing hats and wigs are on a shelf behind them

Mission Statement

UTC Theatre Company is the production module of UTC's Department of Performing Arts, Theatre Division. UTCTC combines performance and production activities within a liberal arts environment to develop collaborative artists, while serving the community. By providing a strong foundation in the traditions and disciplines of theatre, the academic program encourages the artists to take risks, make compelling choices, and think independently.  Our goal is to produce graduates who bring an informed awareness of the world to their art, while preparing them for a variety of career paths.

The UTC Theatre Division is an Associate Member of the National Association of Schools of Theatre.

Theatre Division Expectations 

As outlined by National Association of Schools of Theatre

  1. The ability to think conceptually and critically about text, performance, and production.
  2. An understanding of playwriting and production processes, aesthetic properties of style, and the way these shape and are shaped by artistic and cultural forces.
  3. An acquaintance with a wide selection of theatre repertory including the principal eras,  genres, and cultural sources.
  4. The ability to develop and defend informed judgments about  theatre.

Ensemble Based Training

UTC Theatre Company operates as an ensemble based training. Offering students the opportunity to advance their training by acquiring skills in all areas of a functioning professional theatre. Students may participate as assistants / interns to professional staff / visiting designers and practitioners. They may also participate as a production designer under the tutorship of professional theatre practitioners.