Chattanooga Bike Share Program

bikes next to UTC building

UTC is happy to continue our relationship with the Chattanooga Bike Share Program. This partnership allows us to continue our efforts to reduce our campus carbon footprint by encouraging energy-efficient transportation, as well as promoting a healthy and active lifestyle to our students.

Bike Share Map


Tennessee Motors Pool Petroleum Reduction Plan (TMPPRP) 

UTC has made a concerted effort to maximize the efficiency of motor pool operations to reduce dependence on petroleum-based products, and to create an environment that encourages alternative means of transportation, including bicycling, walking, and mass transit.

UTC is a full and active participant in the University of Tennessee Motor Pool Petroleum Reduction Plan (TMPPRP).  All UT-ordered vehicles - including trucks, cars and vans -  all use E85 Flex Fuels.  UTC has exceeded the basic parameters of the TMPPRP by purchasing 17 electric vehicles, replacing gas-powered utility vehicles.  100% of waste synthetic oils are recycled, totaling 500 gallons per year.