Green Office Pledge

logo that says "green light certified"

Thank you for your interest in the UTC Green Office Pledge.

The UTC Green Office Pledge encourages staff, faculty and administrators to demonstrate their voluntary commitment to environmental best practices and reducing UTC’s campus carbon footprint.

Green Office Pledge

By applying for the UTC Green Office Pledge, I pledge to consider researching, supporting, and encouraging best sustainable practices in the areas of Conservation, Education, Purchasing, Recycling and Transportation, with the goal of reducing our UTC Campus Carbon footprint.

I understand that I and or my designated representative will be provided with a suggested checklist of best practices, and agree to review the recommended next steps for become a Certified Green Office, implementing practical solutions to efficiency and effectiveness in the focus areas outlined as part of UTCs green l light certification and the Climate Action Plan.

This program was initiated by the 2015-16 University Innovation in Honors Class, UHON 2850 Project Green|Light, in partnership with the support of the UTC Office of Sustainability and Chattanooga's green|spaces.