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Faculty-Led Programs

The Forum on Education Abroad has some great resources for faculty members planning on designing and leading a trip abroad. The Office of Study Abroad highly encourages any UTC faculty member planning to design and lead a faculty led trip abroad to review the Forum's Leading Short-Term Education Abroad Programs: Know The Standards.

Additionally, we recommend reviewing The Guide to Successful Short-Term Programs Abroad (NAFSA).

Faculty wishing to lead a trip abroad:

The Center for Global Education encourages all UTC faculty members who might be interested in leading a faculty-led trip abroad to first speak with their department head. Once you have spoken with this individual, we encourage you to reach out to our office to discuss you interest in leading a trip abroad and how we can assist you in planning a trip.

During the 2017-2018 year, UTC faculty members led trips to the following locations: Argentina, Bahamas, the Balkans, China, France, Germany, Haiti, Hungary, Kenya, Mexico, Scotland, and Spain.

More information will be available soon regarding the process for proposing a course abroad for Spring 2019. The proposal form is currently under review. 

UTC International Travel Policy:

UTC recommends all faculty, staff and students traveling abroad on University of Tennessee at Chattanooga funded programs (including research, independent study, travel to conferences and seminars, athletic events, and other university-related business) to register with the Office of Study Abroad prior to their departure. Please click follow the following link to begin the registration process.  As you register, the program will ask you to provide information about your travel plans and contact information in the destination country(ies). You  will need to include hotel and/or personal addresses, telephone numbers, email address, and emergency contact information. Such information is necessary if emergencies arise either in the US or in the country(ies) of residence. 

Faculty and staff are strongly advised  and students are required to register their travel plans/destination with the Department of State.  In the event that issues affecting the safety of US citizens unexpectedly arise, the US Embassy needs up-to-date contact information for visitors in order to disseminate safety information, evacuation orders or other updated travel warnings. 

Please remember that UTC funds may not be used to sponsor travel to any destination where this is an active US Department of State Travel Warning without appropriate approval from the Provost or the Chancellor.