Study Abroad Pre-Departure Checklist

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Register for EXCH course with UTC

Every student needs to do this. 

There are two placeholder courses that indicate to the rest of campus that you are still a full-time UTC student while you’re away with your program. The two exchange placeholder courses you must register for are EXCH 0990r and EXCH 0991r.

The CRNs change for these courses each semester, so this will be sent out to you by the Office of Study Abroad prior to your departure.

Failure to enroll in these two placeholders, as directed by the Office of Study Abroad, could delay in the processing of the financial aid for your study abroad.

Upload Course Pre-Approval Form (the blue sheet)

You can locate this form on your UTC study abroad portal (Terra Dotta) page; the form can also be found on our Documents and Forms page.

Students are required to upload course pre-approval forms by scanning and uploading their file onto the secure Terra Dotta website through this link.

Reminder for students using Federal Financial Aid:

If you will be using ANY Federal Financial Aid during your time abroad, you must have your academic advisor(s) complete the Academic Advisor Approval Form.

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Secure financial aid clearance

To confirm that all your UTC financial aid is in order, you need to meet with UTC Financial Aid office.

Remember, the financial aid office can’t give you much information unless your most recent financial aid/FAFSA paperwork and study abroad budget worksheet are complete.

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Complete Internatioanl SOS requirements

You will be provided with details on the International SOS registration steps at the Study Abroad 103: Pre-Departure Orientation session. 

Please thoroughly review the International SOS/UTC website.

On this site you should complete the following:

1. Courses found through the Training Hub section (all students need to complete: Introduction to Membership, Student Travel - Your Security, Student Travel - Your Health & Well-being. Female identifying students need to also complete: Student Travel - Your Security as a Female).

2. Register your trip through MyTrips. Please note, you can also forward your flight itinerary to and your flight information will be uploaded to the MyTrips portal (so you will not have to manually enter your trip). If you wish to email your flight itinerary to ISOS, please make sure the itinerary is saved as ONE PDF file before you email to ISOS. Multiple flight itineraries need to be emailed individually. You also have the option to manually register your trip through My Trips.

3. Review active alerts, travel advice, security advice, disease & prevention, etc for your given study abroad country.

4. Review eGuide: Intro to Membership.

5. Download the Assistance App to your phone.

On this website you can also access a copy of the International SOS/UTC membership card. You will be provided with a hardcopy card during Study Abroad 103.

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Drop any UTC classes during your study abroad/exchange term (except the EXCH courses)

Some students register for UTC classes as a "back up" to study abroad or exchange plans.

Students will be charged for these credits separately, and in addition to, the study abroad/exchange program, if still registered for them when the UTC billing cycle begins.

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Cancel UTC housing and meal plan

Similar to UTC class registration, students who are signed up for on-campus housing or a meal plan during the study abroad/exchange program term will be charged separately, and in addition to, the study abroad/exchange program. 

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Upload a copy of your passport

The Office of Study Abroad needs a copy of every study abroad student’s passport prior to departure.

Students can now upload these files onto his or her profile page on our secure website here

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Notify the U.S. State Department of you travel plans

This checklist item is for your safety.

Our office requires students to do this prior to departure.

Enroll in the Smart Traveller Enrollment Program →

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